Breast Cancer we have survivors here?

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    Dear Friends,
    It's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Please do everything you can to prevent breast cancer. Eat healthy, organic foods; exercise as best you can; don't smoke. Live well, laugh often.

    Do your self-exams. Then, be sure to go for your mammograms regularly. Regardless of the controversy, they do save lives...they saved mine! I had tiny micro-calcifications against my chest wall where a self-exam would not find them.

    Early detection and treatment saves lives...tell your daughters, your sisters, your mothers, your friends.

    I've often wondered what the connection is between BC and CFIDS, after all the immune system is not functioning properly in either one. Although my oncologist does regular blood work on me, she did not test my NK cells. When I went to FFC, they did a thorough look, and found that my NK cells were very low. This could be an important link. There are things we can actually do to boost our immune systems!

    Best wishes to all,

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    My daughter is recovering from a mastectomy...she's only 32 and during her routine discharge physical from the Air Force asked them to check a slightly swollen lymph gland under her arm. They did an ultrasound and said it was fine, but then called her back the next day and said to come in and get a mammogram just to be sure.

    It turned out to be DCIS and the first pathology report from the surgery shows no invasive cells and the lymph cells were clear, but they're checking a few other areas at my daughter's request (there was cancer in 12 of the 18 sections examined on the report).

    Her doctor said that in two more months it would have metastasized. Hard to believe it could happen to someone so seemingly healthy and young, but it can and does.

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    I am a seven year survivor!

    Women hate to see me come their way! LOL I always check to see if everyone has had their yearly mammo and exam. I like calling six or seven women, on the Tell a Friend Day.

    This disease is a BEAST. I hate younger women are having to deal with this, more and more. I remember when they said hardly ANYONE gets it in their twenties or thirties. How very wrong they were. I was diagnosed at 41 and was considered 'younger'in the late '90's'.

    I have fibro and cfs. Do they think there is a connection between cfs and bc? All I know is I have days that are as fatiguing as when I went through chemo and radiation. No one understands that all encompassing fatigue, unless you have had it, due to both DD's.

    My prayers go out to you all. We are very COURAGEOUS women!

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    Both my grandma, and my mom had it before they were 50. I went to consult with my mom's oncologist and he said that I am very high risk. whoopie....
    I just had 2 biopsies done on a lump that I was benign. I just kind of accept that i will probably get it, and do very careful exams. If I do get it, I'm going to catch it early!!! -Julie
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    im a cancer survivor. I had cancer on both sides of my thyroid which is rare. I had numerous nodules on both sides . I had my whole thryoid removed in Jan 2003. Then in the summer of 2003 I had radioactive iodine. I got the green light last summer that Im all clear now. I do have be checked every 6 months as thyroid cancer can come back even 20 years later. My mom is undergoing bowel surgery on Wed for cancer. So she too will be a cancer survivor. It sure makes you think different about life.
    hugs, poodlemum
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    I forgot to add that I just had a mamogram done a week ago. Im a bit worried as they called me back in the room to take another picture of the right breast. Because of my thyriod cancer and the radioactive iodine Im at higher risk now of breast cancer. I also had a benign lump removed from the right breast about 7 years ago. So Im a little worried about the results of this last mamogram. I havent hear from my doctor yet so Im hoping its ok. She is very good at calling if there is anything wrong. Thats all I need when my mom is going thur her cancer and I need to take care of her.
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    Hi! I'm glad to see other BC survivors out there. I never thought of a BC & CFS/FM relation until reading these few posts. I was diagnosed with BC at the age of 33 while pregnant with my 2nd child. That was almost 16 years ago. The closest relative was my paternal grandmother which docs said didn't count. I delivered my daughter and then had a mastectomy 7 days later. I had chemo (CMF) and then 3 months after finishing chemo I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Had surgery followed by radioactive iodine. I had read a few times about a possible link between BC and thyroid cancer but once again my doctor said no.
    I had another occurence of BC almost 2 1/2 years after the thyroid episode. This time I did 8 rounds of chemo (this time it was stronger) followed by radiation. It has now been nearly 12 years!! Yes, I've had my scares but I kept praying that I would be able to raise my children.
    I have battled FM for probably over 20 years and have seen countless doctors. One rheumy about 8 years ago diagnosed me with FM but said that was only because he didn't know what was wrong with me. It wasn't until after my annual physical in August that I said, 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'!! My PCP mentioned that her and my oncologist would chat about my fatigue but that neither one of them knew why I was so tired.
    Out of desperation I went to FFC this week and have now been officially diagnosed with FM & CFS! I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel instead of brick walls.
    I have lost quite a few close friends to the dreaded 'C' word. This is why I am very thankful that I have made it this far. I know there are people out in the world who are in worse situations than I am so I'm ecstatic to take 1 day at a time.
    I'm sorry I've rambled for so long but I felt I needed to respond to this post. Once I got started, I couldn't stop my fingers from typing!
    God Bless Everyone and have a wonderful week-end.
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    oh my goodness aunty yemnga. What a story. You are a surviver for sure. They say God never gives you more than you can handle but for petes sake I think you have had enough. I do want to share with you that after my thyroid cancer I just thought I would never feel well again. That was 2 years ago. I can tell you I feel so much better now. I started walking on my tredmill, getting rid of alot of stress, stopped working, and went on bio identical hormones. The combination of all these things has really helped. Having my throid out too helped because now Im not a synthetic hormone pill to do what the thyroid does and it makes me more hyper. So I dont feel so tired anymore. It has also helped keep the weight down. I tell you that when they say to exercise it is so so true. When I finally go off my but and started doing the tredmill a year ago I felt like I was 20 years younger and had way more energy. its so important to keep active. i have to push myself some days to get on it but once I do I feel recharged.
    Im sending you a big hug for all you've been thru. Has your thyroid cancer ever come back. I hear it can even 10 years later. I get blood work done twice a year. I got next month. Pray for my mom. She is having a section of her bowel out next week due to cancer.
    hugs, poodlemum
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    thanks for the hugs poodlemum! I do believe that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but darn, I agree with you that I think I've had enough. My physcho says that God gave my daughter me as her mom because he knew that she needed someone strong. She is 15 and a handful, very strong-willed since she was 2.
    My thyroid cancer has not come back. I go to the endo every 6 months for blood work. I have a full body scan every 3 to 4 years. I take Levothroid every day. Unfortunately, it does not make me hyper. I wish it did!!
    Throughout the years I have tried different exercise regimens but I guess I have exercise intolerance. Years ago I did low impact aerobics. At the end of class when we're laying on the floor for cool down I literally could've fallen asleep. 6 of us at work went on Weight Watchers and started walking 30 minutes a day. I've lost 14 lbs but the walking is still hard for me. I can't go as fast or at an increased grade like everyone else but I feel what I can do is better than nothing.
    Do you also have FM or CFS along with your thyroid cancer?
    You and your mom will be in my prayers!!