Breast Cancer Awareness/Fibroids

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    Just heard a segment on my favorite talk radio on Breast Cancer Awareness Month.....millions upon millions of women get mammos...It's a $10Billion industry...

    The moderator had Dr. John McDougall on and the words out of his mouth were: no no no mammograms....

    He is all for cleaning up the diet, eliminating meats and dairy for a couple...

    He's got a lot of info out there and blogs about this mammo industry....I just read some about how women wait in hell on these reading outcomes....and to go back because of questions in the readings...I was there about 25 yrs ago....

    I haven't had a mammo in about 25 yrs....I have read too much in the Alternative Medicine world on these and my choice was NO MORE....

    Grape Seed Ex hopefully will keep cancer out of my body, this the main reason I got on it 17 yrs ago, may prevent cancer...

    And Iodine Deficiency is big with breast health and thyroid health... Do your reading on this too. I take Iosol Iodine daily and no breast tenderness or pain....if I happen to skip a few days, I get the pains....I don't skip anymore...

    Do your research....I don't want my breasts squeezed and radiated.....
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    Truth, Lies and Controversary....looks to be a very good read...I may purchase it on Amazon...although I'm pretty convinced on what I do is the right thing....

    This is a pricey book for me to buy, even used, maybe the library carries it, but I doubt it.....[This Message was Edited on 10/10/2012]
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    on iodine and breast cancer prevention.

    Fibrocystic breast disease refers to the condition when women’s breasts develop a lumpy texture. This breast tissue contains fluid-filled sacs called cysts. Fibrocystic breasts can become very tender and painful.

    A lot of MD's feel fibrocystic breast disease is a benign condition. Not true. Fibrocystic breast disease is a precursor to breast cancer — though not all fibrocystic breast disease will become cancer.

    There are dietary factors that can cause fibrocystic breast disease including ingesting too much caffeine or a deficiency in vitamins E or A. Also, eliminating trans fats from the diet (such as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils) has also been helpful for treating fibrocystic breast disease.

    Studies have shown the efficacy of iodine in treating and preventing fibrocystic breast disease. Studies from nearly 50 years ago have shown iodine therapy has a better than 70 percent success rate in eradicating fibrocystic breast disease.

    I know when I miss my daily iodine, and I don't anymore, my breasts will feel tender and painful....

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    Coming here and stating "Mammography Screening . . . although I'm pretty convinced on what I do is the right thing." WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

    Failing to do any mammography for so many years is sticking your head in the sand and refusing to have anyone take a detailed image of your breasts. It's also foolish, risky, and the ultimate Russian Roulette with your health, and by the time any breast cancer would likely be found in you, it would be so far developed it would ultimately be into other organs and potentially terminal.

    If you wish to not do mammograms or breast imagery for you, that's fine. But it is completely ridiculous to promote a book and state what you are doing is the right thing. No doctor would agree that you are doing the right thing.

    You might want to restate to indicate what you are doing is the choice you have made for you, because you don't have the medical backup to claim it is the right thing.
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    to each his own....I know many women who do NOT do the screenings, some have done them for years and have stopped...I have many friends who think as I do.

    This is just information and I'm not telling anyone what to do....

    I don't dwell on this subject but it's a big one for all people...thinking back to my mom and her sisters and all my aunts, none of them did the mammos and none ever had BC....when my mom was 86 I remember her calling me and saying she got a postcard from her MD that she should get a mammo....I said Mom forget it, why start those now?

    I hear so much, more BC, less BC who knows the truth....

    Granted our foods are all WORSE today, so nutrition has got to be a big one.

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    some years back who was so against having her breasts squeezed and radiated that she found an MD here who does thermography and spent out of pocket for one at least...I considered that but couldn't cough up the money....just decided I WAS FINE....

    I don't know what she does now as she moved away. I'll have to ask her.
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    Dr. John McDougall went so far as to do a video on no mammograms and put a notice at the side to "not take this as personal medical advice."

    There is so much breast cancer and so many women have been affected (and men and teenagers get breast cancer too).

    My Mom had breast cancer and she had always eaten so many vegetables, fruits, eating mangoes, cherries, avocodos, brocolli, spinach, kale, whole wheat, tomotoes, kiwi fruit, kelp tablets, iodized salt, and taken supplements and was one of the best people for eating proper foods. She followed the Vermont Folk Medicine for most of her life. Unfortunately, breast cancer goes right down the line in the women of my mom's family and thus she may have had the breast cancer gene that activated.

    My doctor and I agree that I get a mammogram every year to try to save my life because of my family breast cancer history. I don't look at it as meaningless.

    I've seen the importance of mammography with women I have worked with where cancerous lumps were removed, they went through treatment after removal (I'm not sure if radiation or chemo) and they have survived past 5 years without reoccurance. That's when you really appreciate that mammogram.

    Mammograms can be life saving. I don't take them lightly.

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    who did the thermography, and here's her return message...

    ((j, i haven't had a mammogram probably in as long as you haven't. i don't get thermography anymore, either. have an appointment with a dr. to request an iodine test (thanks to you) and will begin a bunch of anti-oxidents soon. will get all supplements from a naturopath. have you read KNOCKOUT by suzanne somers? it's full of stuff i needed to know. T))
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    with their healing, one who is 67 NEVER had a mammo and the other who is 62 had a couple but not anymore...I brought this subject up at dinner, we always seem to get to healing when we're together.

    We all take Iodine and swear by it for breast health.
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    Looks like this might just end the debate. I too have stopped getting mammograms, due to the radiation levels. Yes, they are low, but the accummulative effect over the years, plus X-rays, CT scans, MRIs. Plus I have had
    Several false positive results, ending in lumps being removed that were nothing more than cysts. So 3 needless surgeries, and recovery time.
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    2 in my lifetime, early 50's and now at 74, no way....

    Iodine and Grape Seed Ex and working on keeping body alkaline for this gal.

    Thinking back on my "leap of faith" in my body, when I was attending the Unity Church I was talking to our female minister and it was on this subject and she said "my breasts are fine and I'm not letting those machines squeeze them, etc." I have never forgotten this spiritual woman's words,,,,this helped me in my leap and that was a good 20+ yrs ago. Some "teachers" we never forget. She was a wonderful teacher. [This Message was Edited on 10/16/2012]
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    cancer is a huge industry, big $$$....sorry but true.

    We need to do our own prevention and keep our breasts healthy....

    Thinking about my rheumy who left the UCLA group of cold white room docs who write drugs, she went off on her own and has her warm holistic type practice where she spends almost an hour on each patient with her alternative treatments....
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    Mammography Madness, Weston A Price Foundation

    I subscribed to the WAPF group for years and got their quarterly magazines and always kept the one on: Mammography Maddness.

    Years prior, I subscribed to Alternative Medicine magazine which had loads of information on mammography. It's a good magazine to subscribe to and it's still available....I've learned so much over the last 20 yrs and I live what I've learned......

    Diane, I did read what stick went thru and possibly if I had stayed with this treatment, I'd be talking about it too. Just terrible what poor women go thru....then there are plenty who do the holistic road and don't do these mammos.....but not enough. [This Message was Edited on 10/16/2012]
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    The last surgery was by far the worst one. I remained awake for it, and had to have 11 shots to numb my breast. That wasn't the worst of it though. I developed a hematoma after the surgery and it opened up the incision. I bled really bad, had to go to the ER and was bound up so tight I almost couldn't breath. Had to wear that binding for 24 hours. After that I had to wear Kotex pads cut in half in my bra, and change them every few hours. It took over 3 weeks for the bleeding to stop and the incision to close back up.

    My surgeon said it was better that it opened up, because if it hadn't my breast would have swollen up huge, turned black from the blood, and it would have been very painfull for about 6 months till the body absorbed the blood.

    So that's just one more reason I don't want anymore lumps removed.
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    how horrible, what a nightmare you went thru...

    More and more reason to work on breast health. jam