Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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    This is easy. You just answer 5 questions. If you get them wrong it lets you answer the questions until you get them correct. Once you do that Purina donates $1.00 to the Susan Koman Foundation. It took me 2 minutes!

    October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month


    Go to and answer 5 short questions. Purina will donate $1.00 to the Susan G. Komen for the CureĀ® in your name, or in the name of a friend or loved one. Thank you.

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    I don't have mine done till Dec. My HMO, makes you wait for a full year.
    If I book early enough I can get a first am, appt. I hate sitting for very long these days so that's a Big help.

    I just recently went to my Hi School Reunion, and it was brought up, that we have really Lost a lot of Classmates, to not only Breast Cancer, but various forms of Cancer.

    It's important to get these test's done every year, your Mammogram and your Pap test.
    I was spared the Utheran Cancer, due to a Doctor, who saw early warning signs, that I could be a risk for Cancer.
    He removed my Utheris (sp? lol) in 72.

    Now years later, they have discovered, what can, cause it, the HPV, virius,
    so maybe our Younger Generation will be spared some of the ravages of the big C.

    The tests hurt me, as I have both FMS and CMPD, but that pain does go away, albeit takes a while, but as long as I pass my tests, I'm ok with the pain.
    I hurt anyway,

    So be sure to make your appointments before the end of the year, and Please do Donate, to any Cancer Research, that you can.
    I think if they can cure Cancer, then maybe a Cure for our DD's won't be to far away in the future.


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