Breast Cancer suvivor/With Fibromyagia AND Generalized Anxiety attacks.

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    Tough isn't Folks?? I was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 1994, I had a heart attack panic attack at work bout 5 years ago,...... no warning, was just like a Real heart attack. A hospital ride, $500 later, and months I experienced bouts of random attacks not quite as bad as the 1st one, I had slurred speech, lose of balance and I stuttered. It slowly passed to a tolerable level as I Drank myself into an Alcohol abuser as I am today, as I could not afford medications and treatment etc. They fired me at work after a treatment through a local Rehab for anxiety treatment. During that I hit a 200lb deer, and lost my truck, my job, then my home.
    I met a man during this time, and we coupled up, but things weren't right, and as I got another job, we split for awhile. He kept begging to come back, it was Xmas, and then valentines,. on March 12the he got injured at work, and I inherited a spouse back because divorce wasn't finalized, who was critically injured. He was crippled for life. I have taken care of him now for almost 4 years, only to Choose to **move Forward.
    I got Breast Cancer suddenly, and I CHOSE to move Forward, I worked Fulltime through chemotherapy,and radiation Every single day Before the new Night schedule I was given as part of my Promotion. I was promoted after a hospital stay, I am still in my position at my job. I decided to buy us a Happy home, I found out he had a horrific background issue, and after having bought us a home. He can NOT live here. Legally.
    I had to buy myself a vehicle, rent out His room. And STILL,.............. I move FORWARD>
    Keep Choosing to just move forward, I have 6 dogs n 3 cats that Count on me to move forward. I also have 2 children, and 3 grandkids from My side who struggle with all of my issues, so I rarely get to see them, my kids try to Dictate WHO and What they want me to be,. I have 4 I just lost from spouse's side who will be heart-broken. , and I will Miss them. Still,......I am an Artist, and a Musician, I am a Teacher,.........
    Once, Back in my past I once tried to give up, slit my wrist and did it wrong, I woke up,.......... EVERYTHING * that I** DO ,. makes a BIG Statement to those around me since,.......... I got up,. and Moved Forward.
    I,. know WHO and What I am,. and HOw I got myself here. by Moving Forward.
    We Always have choices.
    My name is Jody, I am a Coach, and a Trainer at a large company, I now help other's to learn a new job and plan for a future, I help them to focus and help Themselves to get there.
    ***Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple – that's creativity.
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    Welcome to the board. You've certainly had some fierce adventures in the land of the
    DDs (darned diseases).

    I agree that we have to fight back. Not so easily done when most of us don't have much
    energy, however.

    Good luck