Breast implants AFTER FM dx?

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  1. Raelynn

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    Just wondering if any of you ladies went on to get saline breast implants after having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and if symptoms worsened or stayed the same. My breasts shriveled up and died after nursing my babies and I would love to get them fixed but am afraid of things getting worse. Anyone have any experience I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!
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  3. iggyangel

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    I had saline implants in 1999, w/in six months after fatigue set in, then pain and the dx of FMS, CFS restless legs symdrome, IBS, mycoplasma infection, degenerative disc disease, and Im probably missing some.
    Prior to breast implants I was working 40+ hours a week and attending school full time w/a child and family. I had them removed in 2004 in Ohio by a doctor who believes that implants can bring on illnesses. I wish I never got them. They ruined my life.
    Now no one knows for sure I may have been predisposed to FM prior to implants and they just magnified the situation. but that doesnt matter. I will never be the same again.
    Our immune system has a tough time already. if you add saline w/a silicone shell (which all implants are made of) you are risking your body to possible fight against them.. please go to the FDA website and see ALL the complaints againt the saline implants and the illnesses that follow.
    My sister has had implants for many years, and No she did not get sick, its a game of russian roulette.
    please dont play it!
    with deep concern and care.
    any questions please email me, and ILl give you site where hundreds if not thousands have been negatively affected by implants.
    Like I said, I do not believe everyone gets sick from them. but if you are already fighting FM, you have one strike against you already
  4. Raelynn

    Raelynn New Member

    Thank you all for your kind words. Its been almost 4 years and while I dont regret nursing my boys at all, I'm doubting the breasts will come back, not that there was much there to start with but there was a little anyway. I now can't even fill out an A cup. I am also on the thin side, always desired a more womanly figure. I feel kindof like a 12 year old skinny boy lol. I do feel blessed to be tall and thin and I do feel pretty but just not like a woman as much as I would like. I wish I could be proud of the flat chest but I just find it embarrassing for some reason.

    I have heard of many instances where breast implants, or the surgery itself triggered fibro in women. But I have not heard much on if a women already has this will implants make it worse. I don't care about a temporary flare but wonder long term. Most women I have polled have said getting implants has not made them worse so far. I just wish there was some kind of study done on this but cannot find anything at all. Thanks again ladies and mysticbrit I am sorry you are worrying about your daughter and I hope your reduction helps you feel better!
  5. iggyangel

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    PLease research the implants,
    saline does not make them safer, in fact, they are illegal in UK. and plus the shell is still made out of silicone, and the silicone does sweat, and secretes substances in your body, like I said alot of people dont have problems but if you research on the FDA gov website you will see how many problems are starting to emerge from the salines, they are even trying to bring silicone back to the market, my thought is this, it may be safer.
    the saline in the medical field has a shelf life of six months at room temp,
    Now imagine 5 years+ in your body at 98 degrees. THe saline does and eventually goes rancid.
    there was sooooooooooooooooo much bacteria and mold (aspergillis) and my body tissue all around the implant turned degenerative. the bacteria travelled into my synovial tissue. I wished I would have researched it, please do, and do NOT take anyones word for it, you will read and make your decision,
    blessings, Iggy
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    Hi Iggyangel,

    Just wondering how you knew your implants were filled with mold and bacteria. When they were removed did they take them out intact or did they drain them first? Did you get to see them? Did your explant doctor irrigate the surrounding tissue with antibiotic? I'm very interested in knowing what the explant doctors explanation of what happended to you was. I find it very interesting yet very scary of course. Thanks for any more info you can provide on your situation. I'm sorry you went through this. Have you felt better after explant?
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    and the whole gambit before i had mine put in...i have the best doctor in the bay problems so far w/them...i would have to have them taken out to see if there really is mold in them or around them....

    so i guess you could always do a breast lift instead if you do not want them in....

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    makes it even easier to detect lumps...they do take longer to do the mamograms..a few minutes longer...

    and yes, implants placed on top of the pectoral muscles does make breast cancer more difficult to catch the lumps....

    so you need to take that into consideration....

    and how they are placed under or over depends on how much breast tissue you have...the more breast tissue you have the implants maybe placed under the muscle...if you are like a size "a" or a small "b", my dr. will reccomend ontop of the muscle...but you will need to think about the difference of the will see the implant more...the roundness of it..

    check out dr. leonard gray in san francisco....he does his procedures thru the nipple....not the aorela...faboulous bruising for all....swelling yes..

    but the best you can get... i do not know anything about the molds and such....but i had all of my ailments before and i do not feel personally i would feel any different if i had not gotten them...

    i do not regret that i had them put in....

  9. iggyangel

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    W/in six months of getting implants I started w/every auto immune symptom...
    I actually thought and felt I was dying...
    My little girl would go to school every day and cry to her teacher and friends and say, "My Mommy is dying"
    W/help I found a specialist in Pepperpike Ohio a surgeon who believes in implant illness and has professional testimony that some bodies immune system reject them and she removed them, had pathology done and I also sent the implants to a pathologist in Canada who specializes and has testified in court of implant illnesses, the pathology clearly stated that bacteria had started right from the onset of implantation and the capsules around the implant which were also sent to patho showed degeneration and regeneration in the tissues and synovial metaplasia, and inflammation which is proof that my body was fighting them. If you are interested I can give you the doctors names I dont think I can post them on the board.
    I have reagained some strength enough to work and go to RN school, but I am not the same, and My body still wages war against itself. I have to take alot of meds to deal w/nerve damage pain, and etc...
    the Pathologist also stated in his report that my implant valves were defective Mentor valves...
    Yes and my plastic surgeon never even told me...
    I cant tell you which came first the chicken or the egg,
    but for me I wish I could turn back time, Was I predisposed to this illness prior to implants, Ill never know, but I know they made it a HELL of alot worse!!!
    Like I said, my sis has had several sets of implants in for over 25 years, cuz they do need to be replaced sometimes... and she has never been sick.. I went to the best surgeon in Scottsdale, ...
    If you want I can send you a copy of the patho report.

    I am passionate about this area..
    ALot of people wont have problems and yes I am the minority, but are you???
    Youll never know../.
    All I ask is do your research and dont even take my word for it, do research and get professional opinions and studies.
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    I have to agree with iggyangel!!!
    Raelynn, I had just posted a message asking if anyone out here had silicone implants. I felt alone like noone else had this problem. Please go look at my profile or my posting....I was a spunky, life of the party, typical adhd-in a fun kind of way, totally organized and my apartment (single mom) was spotless with a place for anything. I'd pull out the stove and frig as part of my cleaning!!! Then I had my now 16 yo son. I breastfed him for two years!!! While he was breastfeeding, one of my breast became hard and painful to touch. It had ruptured. The doc said it was okay to continue to breast feed with the other breast and I did!!!!! (dumb doc)
    my right side was gross! It was all shrunken in like a hole in my body. There wasn't anything there. So I chose to have the other removed and both replace with saline implants. Wasn't told of any danger with these. With the implants in, my right breast is scarred badly, it's not 'shaped' right, with a huge dent at the bottom....etc.
    But here's the big thing: My diagnosis keep coming. I only continue to get worse. I have one problem to come up and then another!!! I'm sure that replacing my silicone with salines didn't help. For one, the stress of the surgery is much more difficult to over come than for 'others'.
    Raelynn, please contact me if you want!! Wait for your breast to build back up naturally. You really don't want diagnosis after diagnosis because of implants! my 'name' here is my e-mail name. Just add at the end! Don't make a hasty decision!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  11. gotyakat

    gotyakat New Member


    I was JUST LIKE your daughter. Still am in some ways. I was 19 when I had the original operation of silicone implants. If you read anything about me, you'll see the price I've paid later.
    I didn't see myself as 'pretty'. It's our lack of confidence, self-esteem. It doesn't matter how active she id with friends and how happy one looks on the outside. WE, those of us who don't see ourselves in the way that others do, unless treated at a early age, can and probably will continue with this cycle of trying to look better. We are usually the ones that are always happy looking. We don't show you our true self~we feel as if we have to make this performance for others. Nancy, my implant ruptured 13 years ago. (in my late 20's). Ever since....I have had one diagnosis after another. It has STOLE MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME. To add an even more embarrassing part to my story, just a year ago, I had the implants replaced and also had liposuction -which I didn't need!- and it made my body look worse because I didn't have fat to remove!! I also had lip implants! I'm a poor single mom, yet I came up w/ the money to have this operation a year ago trying again to make myself look better. It didn't. On the lighter side, I should live in Beverly Hills with all of us others!!

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  12. Raelynn

    Raelynn New Member

    Thank you for the response. I have been researching on and off for about 3 years so I know exactly which doctors you are referring to...Feng and Blais in canada. Boy I wish I could pick the brain of that woman (Feng) as I know she has done lots of her own independent research. I am trying to find more on the subject of the saline going bad, your analagy makes sense. From the studies I have read if bacteria is introduced into the saline with filling at time of surgery, it can survive in the saline but cannot form unless contaminated at time of surgery. Apparently some doctors used to use an open system vs closed, meaning that they filled the implant from an open dish that was therefore subject to anything floating around the surgical room. Board certified surgeons should only use a closed system so that can't happen. Do you happen to know if yours were filled using a closed system (everything unopened/sterile) not exposed to open air? I asked this at one of my consults and he looked at me quite strangely. Needless to say I am not going to him! Found out he wasn't board certified by ABPS anyway. Have you had an improvement since explant? I hope so. I totally believe that many women get sick. I know for sure that if one is predisposed and something is lying dormant in their system that either trauma from surgery, foreign body, or contaminants can trigger the condition. But I just can't find any research on women that already have FMS, lupus, etc that go on to get implants and whether their condition deteriorates or not. From my informal surveys I've done most say it did not make them worse, at least so far. Thanks for your help and if you find anymore info on the subject please let me know.
  13. karatelady52

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    I don't come on here very much as I'm on the lyme board now. I use to worry that my implants (ok you gals that know me - now you know my secret) were what was causing my illness.

    Since being diagnosed with lyme disease, I realize they aren't the cause. I LOVE mine, I always looked like a boy, flat as a pancake. I know our beauty should come from within but I always had trouble with clothes, with bathing suits and with enjoying my husband and feeling good about how I looked.

    My husband always told me he loved me just like I was but he sure does like how I look now! Men!!! I did it for myself though. I feel more feminine. Its a very personal decision.

    My sister had hers done as soon as she found out I did it - in fact she beat me to it. Now I'm in my 50's (but don't look it) so I figured I wouldn't have too many more surgeries getting replacements.

    There are also 4 girls in my karate studio who have them (that's where I got the idea from) who are moms like us who have nursed. Nursing actually didn't make me worse or saggier as mine always looked like I was 10 years old.

    My sister told me recently she had been asked about them from a friend of hers and I told my sister she needed to tell her the pros and cons and my sister's comment was - "what cons?" She loves hers too.

    I haven't told very many people because I feel its very personal between my husband and me and now all the Internet world knows - ha-ha - but seriously, I've loved mine and would do it again.

    That's just my opinion for what its worth. You have to make the decision yourself. I did do a lot of research. I went in and told my doctor I wanted Mentors, 375 filled to 425 or something like that. He said he had never had such an informed patient. I got mine in 1998. The girls in class have had theirs about 4 years longer. None of them have had problems.

    There was a real good website on them that I got all my information and they even had pictures (tastefully - clinically done) to show the different before and after shots. It will look like your breasts, just bigger.

    I think the secret is getting a good doctor.

    I'm not signing my name -oh heck - Sandy
    p.s. I just put a new pic so you could see "them"

    Lynn, Gaye, Dani - hope you don't read this one.
  14. Raelynn

    Raelynn New Member

    Thanks Karatelady for your reply. I'm glad to hear you are loving yours and that you found the root of your problems. How did they diagnosis lyme? Did it show in the bloodwork? Did you ever find a tic? Thanks again for sharing!
  15. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I went to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Atlanta. They diagnosed me through Igenex labs. Its been about a year now. I took abx for 6 months and then felt so toxic I started doing alternative treatments which are working!

    No, I never found a tick. Just had what doctors called FM/CFS for many years.


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