Breast implants and incidence of FM

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    My fiance has been diagnosed with FM....all the usual symptons: painful joints, unable to sleep, short term memory loss, fatigue, anxiety...etc. A co worker brought it to her attention that a friend had implants (saline) which, once removed, relieved ALL the symptoms. In some quick research on line through the FDA boards the incidence of the silicon implants and FM were higher than a control group. Can anyone shed more light on this potential cause?
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    Hi! I have also been going through alot of the same plus some really wierd symptoms and I just had a silicon breast implant removed in May and it was leaking. I have been to several doctors the last year and a half and they run tests and when the tests come back fine thats all they do. They act like I'm faking it. I even went to a plastic surgeon and he told me it look good but in his report he stated it showed significant capsular contracture. Nobody has listen and they all say implants do not cause those problems or there is no proof. I have been somewhat better since it was removed. I still have sharp pains and arthitis and my body is in bad shape. A few weeks ago I could barely walk and my body hurt all over. I just had a MRI on my brain because I have been smelling a bad burning smell a night since these symptoms started. They thought maybe I had been having seizures. I have maybe found a nurse practioner that is willing to help me. Anyway go to or
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    How long did you have the implants in and were they silicon gel or saline filled with silicon casing? Did you have any symptoms before the implants were put in? If I may ask, have you been through menopause or had a hysterectomy....and subsequent hormone replacement therapy?
    Do you believe the implant was a triggering cause to your pain and symptoms?
    I know a lot of questions, but who better to get answers from than a person with the experience.
    Thanks for your kindness of a reply