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  1. mellow

    mellow New Member

    I would be interested to know how many of you may have had breast implants, if you had problems, and if you think these may have contributed to this DD.

  2. mellow

    mellow New Member

    I would be interested to know how many of you may have had breast implants, if you had problems, and if you think these may have contributed to this DD.

  3. ali-may

    ali-may New Member

    I'd like to know if getting breast implants while you HAVE chronic fatigue is harmful!

  4. surfjuice

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    I asked this ? a while back, don't think I got any responses. I have replicon implants, wish I didn't, obviously it doesn't help our immune systems. I'm wondering why anyone that is ill would want to go through unnecessary surgery now...haven't we learned that good health is everything? I've put off having them removed because I'm so weak for surgery. For me I think it set me up for weakness to other diseases. But we are all different...respond differently.
  5. Shirl

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    My cousin had Implants, and she developed Lupus, she is always sick.

    As for myself, I am too big of a coward to have that done!


    Shalom, Shirl
  6. karen55

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    ...and I've often talked about wanting them, but like Shirl, I'm WAY too chicken; the main reason being that there's so much wrong with me now, it would be just my luck I'd have major problems with the implants.
  7. mellow

    mellow New Member

    Thanks to those who replied to this question. I had implants done in 1979 and developed RA in 1985. I have since had two further operations due to problems associated with the implants. My fibro didn't appear until a couple of years ago. My rheumy doesn't think there is any connection but can't be 100% certain. I also have a family history of RA. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have had this done. Thanks for your replies.

  8. Deanzie

    Deanzie Guest

    I wish I never had them!!! When I got them put in the first time (Nov. 1998), I got a hematoma a week after the right breast enlarged to a gigantic size. It took me months to recover and when I finally did, the implants hardened (they were put above the muscle). Because they were so uncomfortable, I had them removed in Feb. 2000. Well, of course I didn't like the way they turned out (no lift was done) and I had a new doctor put new ones in, under the muscles. There were no problems this time and they looked & felt great! July 2001 I was diagnosed with FM and had been going through heck; like you all know as well. I always wondered if the implants were causing my problems. No doctor would ever say it could be the implants. When the doctor removed the implants this last time, he did a full lift as well. All these fees have been paid out of pocket...close to $16,000. total. My Husband has been kind regarding this. He didn't think any of my problems were going to be alleviated though. Well, I HAVE gotten better! I still have some small aches & pains and maybe I still have FM lurking in the shadows, but I don't wake up in the worst pain of my life like I used to. I think the implants did compromise my health; or they were laying on nerves? I listened to my gut and I was right. I should have listened sooner (could have saved a ton of money), I should have never gotten the implants (could have saved even more money), I should have been accepting of the way my breast had looked...but they really were ugly!!!! They actually have a better shape now than they did before the implants...only they are also smaller as well and have more scars! I would always try to talk someone out of implants now...It isn't worth it, please trust me. You never know what health issue could be lurking in your body. Some people are going to be sensitive to these implants and I was one of them. Take care everyone, Deanna
  9. JaciBart

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    Believe me when I say breasts are over rated, I used to be a runner, they are so difficult to live with. I hate them and always have. I am a 40 DD and just lugging the big ole things around is a pain, w/o a bra they sag of course, I am 41, by the time I am 60 I ought to be able to tuck them into my belt. They weigh so much, bras cost me $40.00 each to get one that actually supports me. Count your blessings if you have little ones.

  10. Deanzie

    Deanzie Guest

    Have you ever considered doing a reduction? I've seen a lot of pictures on the internet and they look amazing. I've had a couple of friends get reductions and it was the best thing for them. They had back pain, shoulder pain & those symptoms are gone. Wish it was that easy for everyone. Take care, Deanna
  11. JaciBart

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    I am afraid now to have it done tho because I have a really hard time with needles, I just about came unglued when I go the imitrex shot last Fri for my first migraine. I have never had a hard time with needles but now it is excruciating to me, I have a lot of anxiety over it.
    I would love to have them be gone.

  12. SaraD

    SaraD New Member

    Yes, I wanted them too, after nursing 4 children and still being under 30 I really missed having those "nursing" boobs and so did my husband. I was tempted real tempted, but my only sister is opposite, she sounds like one of you the $40 for bras DD, can't even work out or go anywhere with out everyone talking to her chest. She finally had a reduction 2 months ago and I am sooo proud of her. She looks much better and has more confidence. I can't believe I wanted to put my self in her misery, I am happy with what God gave me or what my kids sucked out of me I should say, but that's how it goes. I have many good friends who gave great advice. That once I did that I would want to "fix" or "change" something else and it's probably more something that needs fixing on the inside then the out anyway. Or I feel just so angry about my limitations with this disease that I want to feel and look more Normal then I feel...
    Thanks for listening!!!
  13. WW68

    WW68 New Member sick from salines...put in in 1998...sick in 1999...collapsed,researched too late, I have CFS FMS...was bedridden almost 2 years. I am 34 going on 134..If anyone with implants would like to penpal.. you can be well all! I know this post is old...but maybe someone will respond......there are TONS of us out there...just takes some longer to get ill than others..or some are lucky to not get ill at all...