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    I am researching breast augmentation (implants & lifts). I am curious if anyone with fibro has had the surgery and if and how it affected the fibro.
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    And she is very happy with the results. She has FMS. I don't think having the surgery made her FMS worse, but she did have a complication. One of the implants (saline) burst and she had to have it replaced. She does get painful scar tissue buildups and has to break them down by massage. Also, there is an open space in the new incision where the implant is exposed.

    If it were me, I wouldn't do it, but she is very glad she did and I must say she looks great. Of course, I just subjected myself to elective facial surgery, so who am I to judge. If I had the money, I would go for a lower face lift, a boob lift, an ass lift and liposuction. Getting old sucks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Hank,
    I know you don't want to hear this but breast implants can be disastrous to health. The doctors won't fess up to it but if you search the internet, you will get a better picture of what is really going on. Try looking up "Silicone Holocaust." Be sure to click on "photos" at the bottom of the home page.

    I had silicone implants for 7 years. Not only was I very unhappy with the results (very hard and uneven) but my CFS went downhill fast. I am basically disabled at this time.
    My sister, who I warned, went ahead and got implants (the saline kind) and she is convinced that it actually caused her fibromyalgia. She was a nurse and now she is disabled too. She had her implants removed and is slowly improving.

    Do not believe everything your doctor tells you. My doc said that my implants would last for a lifetime, but when they were removed, one had been leaking and was discolored.
    75% of breast implants leak by 7 years!
    My sister's doc wouldn't let her see her implants after removal. hmmmm...

    The removal of the implants is more traumatic than the insertion. The breasts are left permanently disfigured because of the removal of encapsulating scar tissue. So you lose more flesh than you had in the first place. The nipples are especially disfigured. I bet your doc won't tell you that!

    Just be sure to do lots of research on your own and hear both sides of the story. Your doc has nothing to lose but you do.

    best wishes,

    Mrs. Zoso
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    It is much, much more difficult to detect cancer with mammograms and self examination after having implants.

    I didn't get big boobs til I was 30 and then they were spectacular! Now, all they do is droop. When one is older, smaller is better.

    Love, Mikie
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    My mother had breast cancer back in 97. She had a double masectomy, and a saline implant surgery all done in the same day. She had FMS at this same time. She was told by her surgeon that Saline implants were totally safe. Well, he was dead wrong. There are traces of silcione in the Saline implants. And traces of the silicone ended up in her bloodstream. So, she ended up with silicone poisoning. Now she is extremely disabled and it caused her FMS to flare up to the point where she can rarely even get to the bathroom. It is not worth it. I have seen what it can do first hand. Recently, she was looking into getting a different surgery where they move muscles and fat from your stomach up to make breasts. She saw the doc, and they took a month to decide if she would get it. He ended up refusing her because of all of her health risks. She was so distraught. And she is only 48 years old. Basically, please just forget about the implants. It is not worth the risk, even for a healthy person.