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    I'm 31 and I've had FM for 15 years. I was in a very bad car crash at 15 and my life started to fall apart after that. Pain, sleeping isuues, panic attacks ect. I stopped eating wheat ( became gf about 2 years ago) After some bad reactions with it and Im alot better because of it! Anyways my question is I just had a breast biopsy and they told me I have fibrocystic breasts. I will have to keep a close eye on my breast and most likly deal with pain ect and further biopy's. Has anyone had this before? any clue on if it got better worse or just another weird symptom we have to deal with? It's new to me and I'm a little worried about it

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    Mammograms are a beast. The things that have helped me are:

    1) cutting out caffeine which means no coffee, only caffeine free tea and no soda unless CF;
    2) Iodoral -- iodine and iodide supplement;
    3) Natural progesterone which is available with a RX from any compounding pharmacy.

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    Thanks.. My dr did tell me to cut back on coffee I dont drink soda or tea SO Ill have to try to cut down on that! I didnt know about salt I try to use sea salt but I'll keep a better eye on it now! I stay away from alot of bad foods cause I'm allergic to so many things!

    I'm not excited about having mammograms yearly but its better then not knowing and having something worse. I didnt even think about fm and this being tied together! I guess I was more worried about having cancer at the time!

    If anyone else has some thought keep them coming!!

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    I had fibrocystic breasts all my adult life until menopause. It has gone away since about age 50. I had a total hysterectomy at age 45 and took estrogen replacement until age 50. Since I'm off the estrogen my fibrocystic breast disease has cleared up. I had a biopsy done at age 39 and it was benign.

    How old are you, Miggs? I believe this might clear up for you after menopause. I hope so. Good luck to you.

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    Hi . miggs345, i have had fibrocystic breast since the mid seventys and they are pretty painful at times and several things will make them worse. too much caffine , to high of estrogen levels will effect too. I have had to have 4 breast surgeries for removal of the larger lumps over the last thirty some years. all were benign thank God! I used to take bio-identical progesterone cream and it really helped with pain and the lumpyness. I have since went through /going through menopause and they dont seem to bother me much anymore.Dont worry to much about them..just keep an eye out for changes in the lumps, any new ones, location of them etc. I if yours are anything like mine that kinda hard to figure whats normal breast tissue and whats lumps from the fibrocystic diease. Good luck and hope this eases your mind some. God bless
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    is all i can say about fibrocystic Breasts, i had it bad before ihad my Hystorectomy a couple years ago.
    it felt like rocks under the skin they were so bad, especially right befor a period!
    from what my Gyno told me thier pretty common, and run in families. My daughter gets them.
    since my surery, and getting on Bio identical Hormones, thank god the Knots & Breast pain are gone.
    you will have to watch the caffeine intake, as it will make it worse for sure. i know it's scary to have a lump in ur breast, Hopefully yours will subside with age & diet.
    Feel Better!
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    This is just an excerpt from my previous post in 2007. Maybe you can try this. In addition, I would add Iodoral, which is Iodine and Iodide, which someone else mentioned.
    My daughter used to suffer HORRIBLE menstrual cramps and would miss a day or two of school or work each month. She would be writhing in pain, tears and vomited also. I would give her my RX pain meds and muscle relaxers. She still suffered horrible. She had the worst fibrocystic breasts. (And only 19 or 20 years old)She is very small breasted and would feel like a handful of thousands of tiny B-Bs, and very painful.

    I did salivary testing of her hormones and found her to be Estrogen Dominant and bought Natural Progesterone cream. The very first month, her breast were 95% better and ABSOLUTELY no menstrual pain. My periods were not that bad, but when I started it, I had NO WARNING at all that my period was due, or starting. No pain AT ALL. I never had a problem with painful breasts so can't comment on that. For each of us, it regulated our periods to exactly 28 days. The stuff was like a MIRACLE really.
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    Im 31 and this is my first lump, It actually has not been as bad as I though but I'm guessing its something that us fm people have to deal with? It just like every year or 2 something else pops up that no one else gets! what to do!

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    I think that was very smart - do a hormone test then try to balance hormones...We live in an estrogen-dominant world - foods, plastics etc all are estrogen-like or mimic estrogen. Hence, so many of us have fibroids, painful breasts etc.

    Progesterone cream can make a huge different - the studies on bioidentical replacement verse synthetics show an entirely different result. That is good news for all of us!

    Where did you get your saliva test? Did you use Dr. Lee's website? Just considering this too. I think and seems like everyone says, balance is key. And I feel out of balance...

    God Bless,


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    My niece has Celiac Disease and can't eat wheat either and is much better now that she is on a gluten-free diet. She has told me that in reading labels closely, that you would be amazed what all has wheat in it!

    I also have fibrocystic breasts, as does my sister and mother. All I have really been told is to avoid caffeine and make sure that I keep my mammogram appointments. I haven't drank caffeine for about 15 years due to a lot of heart problems. It's never gotten any worse, so maybe being caffeine-free has helped??????

    My mother does not have fibro, but does have a lot of arthritis and heart problems, too.

    My doctor told me not to worry about it, that it's just something that I have to put up with.

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    to lower down the bad estrogens and Xenoestrogens.

    I take these supplements with Milk Thistle.

    {{{hugs}}} :)
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    I just posted this morning about breast tissue pain - I don't have specific lumps or cysts, but the dense tissue feels like lumps and bumps. They hurt all the time - no relief.

    I do feel better when I take vit. E - and my dr. said to take Evening Primrose Oil.

    I'm confused - did you all say to use sea salt? Does this help? I do also have low body temperature but my thyroid is OK - I thought this goes hand in hand with CFS.
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    I am 46 and have had breast issues since I was about 15. Fibrocystic breasts are actually pretty common, and if you have fibro, your breasts may hurt even more. I swear, I don't think there is a body part out there that doesn't hurt more when you have fibro, including the breasts.

    I would have horrible breast pain two weeks before my period, there were times when I could just cry. What helped me was getting rid of caffeine in my diet. I don't drink coffee anymore, also reduce the sodium in your diet, that should help some too. Hugs, Chelz.