Breast Lump?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aka1977, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. aka1977

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    Hello Everyone.

    Well about two or three weeks ago I started having really bad breast pain which is normal for me to have before my period. Well then a few days before my period came last week the pain only stayed in the right breast in one spot, so I was nervous I could do nothing and it would hurt, whether I was sitting, standing, doing anything or nothing.

    So I went to the doctor last Thursday, and she said being that I'm 29, and real thin, I have very dense breast, she thought it felt full, but had a hard time telling, but she wasn't to worried because I have no history of breast cancer, but she thought it may be a cyst or it might have something to do with my period being it came the following day, but the pain never let up. So she set me up to have a ultrasound.

    Well I went in to have the Ultrasound on Wednesday, and the lady said I didn't have a cyst so I thought I was in the clear, then she was like well I do see something, but she didn't know what it was, so she took a bunch of pictures for the radiologists, she thought I would need a needle biopsy.

    Well the next day the nurse called me and said the radiologist did indeed find a lump, and they were going to schedule a needle biopsy, so now I'm waiting to get that scheduled. I'm so scared. That's all I can think about. One minute I'm somewhat o.k., the next minute I'm crying.
    If any of you have went through this experience with a needle biopsy, and this stuff, I would appreciate any thoughts. Sorry so long.

  2. dononagin

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    I'm sorry sweetie.. I know your scared. I'm having spot compressions done every three months right now due to abnormal denseness. I just about wish they would do a biopsy so I could quit worrying. I'm alot older than you though. I'll be 47 in January. One thing I've been told is breast cancer usually doesn't hurt. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. Let me know how it comes out.
    Love and hugs to you, prayers as well..
  3. lenasvn

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    I agree with the previous posters. Don't worry. Biopsy is routine with lumps of all sorts and shapes. We have lots of odd lumpiness in breast tissue. A good idea would be to keep track of them and how they change during the month (they often do).

    I've read somewhere too that malign tissue doesn't hurt.

    Good Luck, and let us know how it goes!
  4. texasms

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    Hi aka

    I have had a needle biopsy and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. :)

    My prayers are with you.

  5. wish_to_be_healthy

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    This is from another post I wrote a bit ago...I'm tired, or I'd write you a fresh one:

    In 94 My husband and I were trying to get pregnant (I was 30 and had very dense brest tissue, also.) My husband found a lump in my breast that seem to appear overnight. After a mamogram, then a ultrasound,I had a needle aspiration (Biopsy), and the doc said the cells looked atypical...

    I was really afraid...I went ahead with a lumpectomy. As the Doc took it out, he smiled, and looked down at me on the table and said, "Suzanne, we will biopsy this, but I can tell you that with much cetainty, this is not cancerous."

    It was biopsied, and it wasn't malilgnant, it was a Fibroadenoma...And the next month, we concieved our first child!

    What I'm trying to say is try to relax. Even if they go in to take it out,(if it gets that far) it still can turn out to be noncancerous.



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