breast lumps and fibromyalgia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bojo, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. bojo

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    Hi ,i Found out i have a breast lump and they told me it wasnt cancerous,that it was fibrous type cyst. I have fibromylagia too. But do lumps like this ever turn cancerous in the long run? Would it be best if i had it remooved? Or do you think it would be fine? Has anyone ever had breast lumps like that removed?

    Thanks bj.
  2. hurley63

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    I haven't had breast lumps but I have had lots of tenderness in the breast and on the sides of the breast just under the arm pit area, hurts like H---! Doctor doesn't seem to think it's anything serious. Good luck!
  3. jofla

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    i have breast lumps also and had a mammogram and ultrasound done. Doc said it was just a cyst and not to worry about it, however, i have to go back every 6 weeks just to get it checked and i keep checking it myself to make sure that it doesnt get any bigger. I am assuming that it is from the fibro. What does your doctor think? I am not too concerned I will just keep getting it checked.

    Good Luck to you

  4. teach6

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    They can be caused by stress which I believe was the cause in my cases. I had them two years in succession and in the same breast, but different location. Second time was actually two cysts next to each other. I had mine drained by a surgeon the second time because it was so large, first time it went away on its own.

  5. Tweldis

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    Hi BJ,
    I too have these cysts. They are horribly painful. My internal doc. said that he would not recemmend taking them out because they can return. I am on 800 IU of vitamin E daily just for these cysts. It has helped alot.In the beginning my breasts were in such bad shape they would have a discharge. (sorry, gross)I thought for sure it was the C word. But, over time the Vit.E has done wonders..

    Hope the pain will ease up for you,

  6. selma

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    60% of women have Fibrocystic Disease.
    Pepper, Choco.,Corn,and Nuts Increase the pain. Since Most women have it, it's amazing that they call it a disease. I've had it for many years.
    Love from lumpy bumpy me, Selma
    No don't need to take them out. Unless there's a cute man nearby.
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    I have had these breast lumps , on and off for 5 years, it must be in reference to the fibromyalgia. I have mind in the lower part and under armpits of both breast. The pain is so unbearable, that sometime I wish I could cut them off, but given that there are only 34B, I'll indure longer.(smile). I talk with my Docter about, these lumps and he exam me and told me to stay away from SUGAR, SODA AND CAFFIENE. For a while I did just that but, fibromyalgia is
    a trickly disorder, you crave for sugars, any I don't know why. I reading" FIBROMYALGIA & CHRONIC MYFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME, SURVIVAL MANUAL, says nothing about BREAST.