Breast Needle Biopsy Results

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences with me, and for the kind words and thoughts. I went in last Thursday for my breast needle biopsy. Well they called me back today, and said that it was just benign breast tissue, possible turning fibrocystic which sounds about right for my age being I will turn 30 in January with very dense breasts. I asked to have a mammogram but the doctor said, being my age my insurance probally wouldn't cover it, and being I have no family history, she's not concerned. I just have never had one before, I do my breast exams monthly, and just thought it might be a good idea. What do you all think? Thanks again so much for all you help.

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    I had posted to you before about my situation...I was 30 when my lump was found...I had my mamo before the needle aspiration...and it showed atypical cells.

    I think that a baseline at 35 is good...That said, I haven't had one since I was 30 with that lump...but I haven't felt anything since.

    It is hard, but possible to have a Mamo w/dense tissue...It hurt.

    The fact that you had a clean biopsy, I think that is good...If you are still concerned you coud get a second opinion...but it sounds like you are out of the woods!

    Suz [This Message was Edited on 11/17/2006]

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