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    how many women on here are suffering severe breast and sternum pain? pain in this area is bad, but when I put on a bra, after about 2 hours, the pain is like a sharp knife came through my back to the front, and then comes in intense, horrrific breast pain in both breasts. It feels like they are in a vise.
    My dr tries to blame the fibro, but this pain has been everyday for past 6 months.
    helppppppppppppp I can't take much more of it. I had an mri of thorasic area, shows no pinched nerve, only lots of bone spurs, I also have degenerative disc disease.
    Anybody have any answeres or opinions welcome

    thank you
  2. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Has anyone told you about Costochondroitis?? it's very painful, especially in the sternum area, and can also wrap around to your back & lower ribs.

    If you go to the search window on here and punch it it, you will
    find a lot of posts about it.
    i have had it for months at a time, and usually if you raise your arms a lot or push or pull on things, it just makes it worse!

    heat & ibuprophen helps a little bit, mine has been a lot better this last month since i've started LDN.

    theres times i cant even touch my sternum, it's so bad:(

    Hoping you will get some relief soon, it's a horrible pain for sure!

    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive had this and gone to the ER twice thinking i was having heart attack very painful try to relax when it starts meditate on relaxing also the bra i wear now is AHHH BRA like no bra.

    hope you get thru this love gail

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