breast,sturnum, and spine pain

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    For women to read: I have been suffering with severe spasms that I think start in spine, come through to sturnum and makes my breasts feel like they are in a mammagram machine, for 3 yrs straight. Everyday. It can start with just putting a bra on, within a few minutes,, everythings starts to hurt, and at times the pain is so tight, that it's hard to breath a full breath.
    I do have chronic pain in my spine which does not help. I keep telling the Dr. this does not feel like fifbo pain, but he thinks it is. I do have 3 fusions in cervicle area also.
    Anyone else suffer with this pain. Pain meds do not seem to help.
    thanks for listening,
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    I get a pounding pain that radiates from my lower back to my neck, just like someone is pounding on me. Usually when I get in my car, because I'm short and I have to "vault" into the SUV. A bra, for me, is an instrument of torture. Thank heavens I can cover myself up with my parka in winter, but summer I always feel self conscious. They really should design a bra for women with fibro.

    My doctor "doesn't believe in FM" so talking to him is like talking to a rock. I told him "Well you may not believe in FM, but it believes in me". He did finally refer me to the pain clinic. This should be interesting!

    Soft hugs,
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    My heart goes out to both of you though I have no experience with what you both have described. It sounds perfectly awful, especially to suffer from it for 3 yrs. I wish you both relief.