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    This is a fairly New issue.This morning I have this terrible burning extra sensitive pain.Moving makes it much more painful.Normal? it is not a PMS extra senitive at all.

    The Shower water pressure hurt,the Shirt I have on hurts,Bra No where close to option.I must *work* today. is there anything that could reduce this? why is it like this?

    Any suggestions Welcome,Thank you,lisa
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    Sometimes my left breast is very sore and tender. It was pain that accompanied my chest wall discomfort. Sometimes, I have the just pain in the breast area and putting on a bra is sheer torture! If you have a sports bra, maybe that would be more comfortable, if you have to wear one. I am a breast cancer survivor and had it checked out to make sure. My belief is that it is 'tissue' inflammation', in that area and maybe areas around it. I use low heat on the area for relief.

    This being said, if you keep having problems get it checked out by a doctor, for your own piece of mind.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!



    EZBRUZR New Member

    I am Continplating the Sport Bra. I think it's funny in a way, let's say I am Grateful at this time,I'm Itty Bitty Club member! LOL.....OUCH!! OOPPPS ;{

    Thank you

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Yes,It Still Hurts :(
    Do not have most of jackies suggestion,not driving,steering would involve movement....OUCH!!!!....
    Any Other Suggestions very welcome!

    Thanks and Peace,lisa