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    A 55 year old family member was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in May. The doctor said that this is a very fast spreading cancer and that she probably got it several months earlier. I don't have too much information on her diagnosis. She is poorly (sic) hormone negative and Her-2/neu positive (Human Epidermal Growth Receptor No.2 gene). The cancer was initially a tumor of her right side which spread rapidly to the lymph nodes in her upper arm, causing painful swelling for which she is on morphine. ThKe lymph nodes in her neck are now swollen and the doctor said that the cancer has spread to lung.

    She was treated at the Ireland Cancer Center at the University Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.

    During this period she had 2 different drug regiments that did not respond. The first was Adrimicin and Cytoxin and the second was Herceptin, Taxater and Corbo Platin (sic). In early September the doctor said that he could only offer her radiation to reduce the pain and nothing more could be done. They declined the radiation so that they could find another drug therapy or be a candidate in a clinical trial. Meanwhile her husband is giving her a liquid herb concoction from a holistic "doctor".

    In mid September she was told that she has only weeks to live. We are despairly trying to find a drug regiment that might reverse the cancer. We appreciate all the help we can get. Thankyou.