breathing & alot of yawning

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    it's been day four..I feel like I have to yawn to get enough air..or find myself coughing alot (short coughs) clear my throat..feels like to much mucous, or sometimes a marble feeling in there, and something really stupid too is that I will make myself "take in a deep breathe", just to see if I can do it..but know I'm doing it too much. I know I have alot of anxiety right now..home stuff,,man troubles.I take klopin for anxiety..God can I actually make myself start to feel this way...I was doing so well.
    Can you help me out with some feedback plz?

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    I felt like something was in my throat, I would have to either yawn of make myself burp to feel like I could breathe. My doctor told me it was due to acid reflux, I now take Nexium for it, and it has helped some, I do know that part of my problem is anxiety, feeling like you can't breathe is scary and causes a panic.
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