Breathing copy toner-how harmful is it?

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    Am I the only one who sees a problem here?? We have an ancient copy machine in our office. The “add toner” light has been on for 2 days. Of course, everyone ignores it but me. So I get the new cartridge and add the d**m toner. Only it is now too FULL and the drawer won’t close! Still can't figure out why the machine thought it needed toner when it obviously did not. So I try to remove some, only once you remove the cartridge, toner flies all over the place. Now there is toner EVERYwhere, on the walls, my clothes, and most importantly up my nose, in my mouth, the back of my throat, and probably in my lungs. And I don’t have my albuterol with me “just in case”. NO one in this office seems to be concerned that I’ve breathed this crap in. In fact, there is someone who is actually laughing at me! Every time I blow my nose or clear my throat or rinse my mouth, black stuff is in it. Just how harmful can this stuff be???
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    I don't know exactly what chemicals are in toner, but I'm sure it's not safe to be inhaling. Is there an original package that you could look at for warnings? Maybe you could find out who manufactures that one and get a number or website to find out more info.

    And as far as someone laughing at you, why I outta.....
    They better be glad I'm not around to punch them in the face!!!!

    If this is still going on, maybe you should write out a worker's comp form and go get it checked out... You only have about 24 hours though, so don't dally...

    Let me know what happens,
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    I actually "sniffed" warm salty water up my nose to clean that stuff outta there. I was afraid it would get the asthma thing going, but it didn't. Maybe I got it all out of my system?? (maybe that's just wishful thinking??) The very moment I realized I had breathed the stuff I started trying to rid myself of it. Anyway, I don't seem to be any worse for wear at this point.
    Oh - and there is no such thing as an incident report where I work - it's a very small business. But you can bet your noodle, if anything comes of this, I'll make sure my boss knows I don't intend to bear the financial cost!
    I left the dead copy machine just as it was, drawer hanging out, toner all over it. I left work early. The repair person hadn't shown up yet. As far as I'm concerned, it's no longer my problem.
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    I hope your alright, I sometimes worry about my Hubby, he works on Copiers and he is always around the Toners and other chemicals.

    I myself get very Frustrated by Copiers, they quit runing when I'm operating them, but then when the Hubby goes to check it for me, the darn thing run's ok again. Grr!

    What area are you in? Hope it's not in the Hubbys Territory, lol, but then again he's a Great Tech, he just got an "Atta Boy Letter" from his new Boss, so I guess they plan on keeping him, lol. Pheeeeeewww.

    Be sure to Clean your Pores good tonight, I do know that it's real bad on your skin and can give you Blacheads overnight. I use plain Rubbing Alcohol, and then use a Moistureizer afterwards.

    Gads my Spelling is really lousy today, sorry,

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    I'd be really concerned about it getting in the lungs. National Poison center is 800-222-1222...better safe than sorry.
    Good luck!!