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    This may be a silly question, but is it common to have the feeling that your illness has taken hold in the center of your chest? Of course I have all kinds of symptoms all over the place, but I would definitely say that right in the middle is where it feels like there's weakness and inflammation and infection? Or maybe it's just because that area gets tired out from having to breathe 24/7? Doctors obviously think it's just one of the symptoms of my CFS or Fibro but I wonder if I should have some kind of pulmonary tests? Would a lung function test do much? If I try hard enough, I can probably exhale and inhale a normal volume of air, so then they'll think I am just normal? I guess I could just spend the time and copay to see another doc about the lungs, I am not sure if it's lungs that are bothering me, maybe it is other things deep in the chest. I figure it is soft tissue related and I find that medical docs don't help with soft tissue problems. I have diagnosed problems of my airway/throat (diagnosed officially as sleep apnea but it may be UARS) but am unsure how to get any other help for it besides maybe taking another drug, which I'd rather not.
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    I think iin my case it is from being deconditioned. When I took a treadmill test last week, I felt exactly as I do when a CFS exacerbation strikes suddenly. That, "I've got to lie down right now" feeling. I told the doc who was administering the test, and she said, "So this feels exactly the same?" I said it did. My test results, however, didn't indicate any heart problems. But my "condition" is definitely "de"! :)
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    Do you get gasping breathlessness upon excertion such as walking ?
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    I do have asthma, too, but I don't think it's always the asthma....I am able to exercise some, though, so in my case it's not due to being deconditioned....I am way less conditioned than I was prior to the CFDIS and FM, but continuing to do some exercise has helped me (as long as I don't over do it)...the breathing thing seems to happen at odd times for me, so I can't connect it to any activity or anything else. I will suddenly have a really hard time getting any air or my chest will burn or I'll start coughing or I'll get chest pains...or it just won't feel like the oxygen I am taking in is actually making its way through my body, like it's somehow insufficient....don't know if that makes sense? When I am gasping for air, I'll get really light headed, too. I don't really have any suggestions, though....sorry. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and from what I have read, it seems to be very common for PWCs.
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    Well I mean a constant feeling. Actually I keep forgetting that if I "adjust" my ribcage (which is not that easy but I have learned and probably have "joint hypermobility") I can make some of the lung problem go away, until the soft tissue changes position again (such as from sleeping on my side). But it doesn't change the weird other feeling which feels near my heart area and/or upper lungs, it feels like it's too warm and irritated and weak/enlarged almost?, like an inflammation/mild infection. Similar to how my throat often feels irritated. Maybe it is allergy related.

    Oh, and I think it's different than after exercise. If I pace myself, I can handle a decent amount of aerobic exercise, it's just not comfortable and I will be tired out for hours. But I can do it, and it does make breathing harder and make that area more sore, but it feels very different to me than the constant problem.
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