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    Does anyone have difficulty breathing? I can't seem to do anything at all without getting really out of breath. Dr. seems to think it's anxiety, but I don't FEEL anxious, just totally exhausted. It's like I'm so tired I can't breathe. He doesn't seem to think it's a heart problem, has looked at pulmonary function tests (they're ok). Put me on Lexapro (3 weeks now) and I can't see much difference yet. Could it be asthma? Help.
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    I originally posted this here, then saw the second message you posted which received a few replies, so I copied this over to that message so that all of the replies will be in one place. I hope this isn't too confusing!

    This is one symptom that I don't think I've heard too many others mention, but I definitely have it. It started out as a chronic cough several years ago. I went thru all the different tests for acid reflux, pulmonary tests, allergy tests, tried meds for post nasal drip, inhalers, etc. Nothing helped with the cough and all the tests came out normal. The final dx's I got were asthma and post nasal drip.

    Then, 3 years ago, out of nowhere, I was attempting to go to sleep when I felt I was being suffocated and just wanted to crawl out of my skin. However, I was breathing fine, I just FELT like I couldn't get a good deep cleansing breath. So of course by that time I did feel extremely panicky.

    My nurse practitioner said it was an anxiety attack because I couldn't breathe because of the asthma. I never felt like I had asthma, I only had the cough. Anyway, she put me on Xanax, an anti-anxiety med. After awhile it went away.
    I would only have a mild problem every so often.

    Last Sunday I had the worst attack I've ever had, or at least as bad as the original. I took my Xanax, my albuteral inhalers and sat up trying to concentrate on breathing. Of course, I always yawn a lot during one of these attacks because that is usually when I get the good deep breath I need. After awhile it calmed down and then I was able to lay down and sleep for a couple of hours due to the Xanax. After I woke up, it was as if nothing had happened.

    Then, every afternoon this week when I get out in the horrible heat to drive and pick up my son at school (I live in Fresno, but it's a dry heat! lol) I would have another attack. Not quite as bad, but almost. It has only been happening in the afternoons and it seems when I get out in the heat. Of course the air here is bad as well, so I go thru the same routine with the inhalers and Xanax and then sleep when I feel like I can lay down without feeling suffocated.

    Funny thing about the asthma is that I think of a person with asthma as one who actually can't get enough air in their lungs. But I don't think that's my problem. I'm actually breathing, but just feel like I'm not breathing deep enough.

    I don't know if this makes any sense to you or if it even helps with your question. I am trying to remember to take my maintenance inhaler, Q-var, which I hand't been taking because it wasn't helping my cough. But I guess I'll try again to take this on a regular basis and see if it helps. The albuteral is a quick acting inhaler to help when you are actually having an attack.

    Sorry this is so long. I just wanted you to know the background and what I've tried and gone thru. It's definitely a scary situation and I feel for you.

    Have you asked your doctor if it could be asthma, even though the pulmonary tests came out normal? If you have bad air where you live, it might be worth a try. I don't think it could hurt to try the inhalers.

    Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing?

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    I am having a really bad time with my breathing and am waiting to go for test.I have had all the heart tests and chest x-rays and they were ok.
    I suffer with high blood pressure and really bad anxiety attacks which do not help!

    It happens day and nights but the night time is the worst cos I cannot sleep because of it and it feels as though I am choking.
    Been taking all kinds of cough meds and throat lozenges but no relief from them.Driving me insane I can tell you!!

    Reading all the stuff on the net makes me think tht is is asthma but why I would get it at age 54 beats me.I put it down to fibro at first but I cannot do ANYTHING at all and I am ssoooooo out of breath that me chest and arms seem to go red with exertion???

    I have in inhaler of doc but dont feel it is doing much for me so I will carry on choking to death why I await my appointment!!lol
    I lay on my bed sometimes and listen to relaxation cds to help me breathe and it does calm me but I cant listen to them during the night can I>> lol

    Take care Rena