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  1. insanelady

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    Hi all

    Do you seem to have difficulty breathing but you really are breathing alright. I seem to have that sometimes but my heart rate and breathing are just fine. i would love to know..

  2. Shannonsparkles

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    ... your lungs are working, but you feel like you're still not getting enough air? Or is it more like not being able to take a full breath because your muscles tighten up?

    What does it feel like? Is there anything that seems to bring it on? How long does it last for, and do you get light-headed?
    (( )) Shannon
  3. suzetal

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    I have a hard time breathing if I exert myself.That goes for walking to fast to climbing a few steps.

    It started a few weeks ago.I see my Doctor on Tuesday and going to bring this up.

    I was just diagnosed with high cholesterol and I wonder if thats it.

    My Dad suffered from congestive heart failure and I remember he had a hard time breathing.I do hope I do not have that.
  4. mme_curie68

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    Hi -
    I used to get tightness in my chest and "difficulty" breathing when I was having panic attacks.

    My doc had me on Klonopin for a short time and then transitioned me to a long-term mood stabilizer and it stopped them dead in their tracks.

    What can also happen is that you breathe very shallowly and can get "hyperventilation syndrome" where your breathing so quickly that you get rid of too much Carbon Dioxide at once and can cause your body's pH to go off kilter.

    You need to be evaluated by your doctor to rule out cardiac problems that may need additional medical attention versus an anxiety attack. The symptoms of angina, heart attack and anxiety attack can be virtually identical.

    Both can be treated successfully.

    Hope this helps,
    Madame Curie
  5. ABLUV

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    Type breathing in the search block to read previous posts about breathing.

    Yours truly, Abluv
  6. Callum

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    That I thought were "panic attacks." I was not having palpitations, my blood pressure was perfect, I had just had all the cardiac tests. And I wasn't wheezing or hyper-ventilating. So, I took the Klonopin, and while my day-to-day stress was great, I was still having the issue. So I started journaling, and it turned out these "attacks" of feeling like I wasn't breathing right always occured within an hour after eating. Turned out I was having very suble esophagus spasms, and needed to double my Prevacid. 2 days later - symptoms were gone and haven't returned.

    Of course, this was me. As the previous posts say, you need to rule out any cardiac or pulmonary issues with your doctor.

    Good luck! I know it's scary when it happens.
  7. kholmes

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    I have breathing problems, especially when I overdo a bit, like walking a bit too far, I feel like I can't breathe deeply. I know this is not merely a result of deconditioning. My chest feels tight and I know something is not quite right. I don't get panic attacks, and pulmonary and cardiology tests have shown no problems with my lungs or heart. I've never suffered from asthma. So it remains a mystery to me. I often feel this way in the evening.

    I'm still a bit concerned about my heart, but there's no way I can do a stress test. I've had an EKG and an Echo done.

    Some people have suggested that adrenal problems can cause breathing difficulties. My esophagus area often feels tight, too, so I wonder if there's a problems going on there.

    We should probably both talk to our doctors more about it, and make sure that our hearts are in good shape.