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    after not being able to breath yesterday, i went to see the doc on call for my doc. he said i had narcotized (sp) my respiratory system. suggested i drop the 30 mgs of methadone back to 20 (which i was on before). he said i could stay on the dosage of 30 and probably would get used to the gasping for air thing. what? no thank you. i didn't even want to try. i was scared to death i wouldn't wake up. or just plain stop breathing. he also said he doesn't see much effectiveness w/opoids in his fm pts. so i didn't take any yesterday afternoon and last nite (to see if i could start breathing again). what a crock. i can barely walk this morning. so i took 1 10mg. (don't want to go into w/drawals) and popped 2 lorcets. still massive all over pain.

    i am a living example that opoids work. although this guy seemed to know his stuff he musn't wrap all fm pts in a nice neat no opoid ball. so now i am back to square 1. i'm thinking any opoid will do the same respiratory thing to me. next step would be morphine/oxy-contin etc. what to do. i want to scream. keep taking the 10 mgs. then in a couple days work back up to 20. a little pain relief is better than none at all. and hoping this crap (gasp) stops.

    hoping all have a better pain day.
    good thoughts to you.
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    There are a lot of thing we can do to help with pain. An easy one is to take magnesium. The ZMA sold here helps at night with sleep. Sleep is when our muscles repair themselves. The ZMA by itself will probably not be enough for the pain by itself, but it may work synergistically with your pain meds.

    Physical therapy which uses stretches and flexes also help with muscle pain. It doesn't happen overnight, but over time, it does help.

    The Guai treatment has helped me to get off of Morphine for my pain. I seldom have to take anything for it anymore. It's not an easy program and there are people for whom it hasn't worked, but it's sure a lot easier than putting up with pain and dealing with opiods. Again, it may not be enough by itself for the pain, and it took a year for me to get to the point of not needing pain meds often, but it has worked wonders for me.

    There is research which may show that Klonopin interrupts pain signals in the brain. I believe it has helped my pain. It has allowed me to get 8 hours of quality sleep which helps with pain. It has also gotten rid of my anxiety/panic attacks, and it has greatly decreased my sensory overload and tinnitus. It puts a stop to, or slows down, the racing brain syndrome. Like all meds, Klonopin and Neurontin, another antiseizure med, are not without potential side effects, but are certainly a God send for many of us here.

    Pain meds by themselves aren't as efficient as combining them with other treatments.

    Love, Mikie