breathing this normal?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spazmonkey, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. spazmonkey

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    i have mass confusion as to whats fibro related or if im having some other problem as well. Im having a hard time breathing, like sometimes my oxygen supply gets cut down. My heart starts to beat a bit faster and my head starts to feel heavy. Plus when this happens my bones start to crack alot more. I'm wondering if this may be some kind of side effect from the meds im on because ive had this happen before once (before taking meds). and now its happening alot.
    Has anyone had experience with this??
  2. Shirl

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    Is it possible you are having a panic attack? I can relate to everything you just stated except for the cracking bones.

    What I get is a panic attack. But do have your meds checked, it could be a combination of meds and certain foods, etc.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, and let us know what the problem is.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. lease79

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    suffer from panic attacks & get symptoms identical to yours.
    I seem to hyperventilate alot, even though I don't think at the time that I am ;)

  4. spazmonkey

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    but i dont understand why i get these panic attacks doesn't really seem like im under alot of stress when i get them. And they last for days. Yoga does help (the deep breathing) but afterwards i get incredibly dizzy and sometimes disoriented when i do yoga and feel this way...It just feels like all the oxygen is getting cut off to my brain. All day today i've had trouble breathing and there is tightness in my chest.
  5. RedB

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    I'm not sure what your age is, but it wouldn't hurt to get your heart checked. Chances are that's not what it is, but, like I said, it wouldn't hurt.

    My Mom has recently had the symptoms you describe, except for the bone cracking thing. It turned out she has an irregular heart beat, which is something that definitely needs to be checked.

    Of course, the woman is 77 years old, and its about gosh darn time that she has something wrong with her, since my own stupid body is falling apart on me, and driving me crazy. Mom is a tough cookie who has always run circles around me! LOL


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  6. nancyneptune

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    It depends on whether you smoke or not. If you don't, go to doctor. You can't attribute everything under the sun to Fibro. I had difficulty breathing, tightness to the max in my chest. Turns out I had a small heart attack.
    I'm not saying this to scare you!! But believe me, it's better to have it checked. Good luck, N