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    I am new to this board and have a question. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 12 years ago. Whether I really have it or something else still runs through my mind though, which is why I want to know if anyone else has this problem. For about 3 months now, I have been having trouble breathing. First, about a year ago, I was always having to clear my throat. Mostly after eating. Then sometimes I would get a real hoarse voice. Sometimes it would all go away and so I just forget about it. Then the clearing of the throat came back, followed by a heaviness in my chest.Now I have this everyday, usually right when I wake up and stand up I feel it in my chest, not long after, I ususally feel like someone has their hands around my throat, almost like it is swelling, but with NO sore throat. Sometimes I have pain along with this that goes along my jaw area and my ears. I get this feeling like I can't swallow, but I can. Also, sometimes I get this itch in my chin that is under the skin. Which kind of sounds like asthma and allergies, right...but if so, why do I get better if I lay down? And I never have these problems when I am asleep. Also, I went to Er once with this because I thought maybe it was asthma, and my oxygen was great like 97%. So they said it couldn't be asthma, but they referred me to an allergist who had blow, and I was at 77%. So naturally she said asthma, but I think they just say it period, when it may be something else. I know you know what I mean , because I have been told I had all kinds of diseases over the years that were wrong. Just want to know if anyone else has symptoms like this. Thanks a lot, I would really appreciate any input.
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    I have breathlessness & skin crawling/itching sensations. I've just found out I have cryptostrongylus pulmoni (microscopic lung worms).
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    how did you find this out?
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    I'm in the UK. I had a (postal) thumb prick blood test examined by a doctor using a high power dark field microscope, the type usually used by veterinaries. He found borrelia bacteria and crypto worms, which apparently have a symbiotic relationship.They were first found in the US by Dr Klapow.
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    were those your only symptoms? My chest feels sore, etc...just wondering what else you may have had. Thanks
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    Apart from all the M.E./CFS & fibro symptoms, I was feeling breathless & that I could never get enough oxygen.

    My family doctor said it was because I did not exercise enough! What a twit.

    Since going onto Ivermectin and antibiotics, I have been coughing up endless amounts of phlegm. I believe (yukky bit now) that this contains the worm larva. My lungs must be full of it.

    Of course, you may have asthma or heart problems. I hope you can get this sorted out soon katco.
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    You need to get asthma ruled out. YOu can use inhalers for breathing problems. Also, you may have GERD, a fancy name for heartburn. Severe heartburn can worsen asthma, or actually cause it. Try taking two Prilosec a day for awhile. Go to the specialist, and get a lung capacity test. Inhalers can help a lot. Go for the obvious diagnoses first, before you go for something tricky like lung worms. Oh, and my oxygen saturation has always been good, even when my asthma was bad, and even when I had severe tachycardia (heart). So go figure.
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    My mom and I both get what we call "pain voice" where we get really scratchy voices and it seems as our throats are constricted slightly, we don't have sore throats then. Although we do not have trouble breathing during these episodes.
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    I was on nexium, for about 2 months, didn't help. My symptoms actually got worse. I originally went because I was constantly clearing my throat, and it worse when I ate, then it seemed to get better after a while, then come back, so on. Oh, and my voice was hoarse a lot. Go to doc and she gave me nexium. My problems got worse, after the sting. Maybe its just a coincidence. My lip has swelled up 4 times for no reason, and now my forehead. But I always feel mucous in my throat, constantly trying to clear it, sometimes my chin itches , inside, like you can't get to it. I feel like someone is sitting on me. This is the worst for me. I am use to the pain everywhere, but this is different. I feel like an emphysemia patient or something.
  10. hi all,

    im back after a rough time.

    as regards the breathing problems,
    i also have the breathing problems that you describe,and id been thinking it was due to asthma.but at the back of my mind,it sort of felt different to asthma related things.

    then,yesterday i went to the hospital with my husband (yes im still with him).

    he had to go for a scan on his kidneys,as he,s having some problems in that area,and is taking statins,which i think are messing with his thoughts just now.

    anyway i picked up a leaflet from the hospital as regards..and my spelling might be wrong here..ankylosing spondylitis.

    well i took this leaflet home,read it all,and i was gobsmacked,because it explained alot of whats going on in my body.

    so i believe its likely that i have this,and havent been told the truth,in the past.

    in the leaflet it explained why i have psoriasis,and why i have the spinal stiffness,and most importantly it described why we have the breathing problems.

    apparently the spondylitis flare comes and affects a certain area of the body,and most definately affects the ribcage,and spine.

    it is said to feel like a tightness,a feeling of the chest being crushed,although the lungs and heart are ok,we get destressed because our chest feels like someone is standing on it,and we cant breath properly.

    there were other things mentioned in the leaflet as regards the spondylitis,and i have these things too,but have just been told its fibro,yet when i say ..what is fibro? the doctors say,,they dont know.

    well i dont believe they dont know.we are fobbed off is what i believe.and ive been so sick of it all just lately.

    ive recently had to go on a tablet called nortriptyline 25mg,to help me sleep.

    so the real illness isnt being treated,but the depression that the illness causes,is being treated.and im having side affects from the tablet.

    but it seems that my illness has advanced that much,that im now having to become dependant on this tablet to get some sort of sleep,and hopefully put some weight back on me.

    id become painfully thin ,and was getting very worried about it.

    it seems that as soon as i was eating food,my job was taking all of my bodies energy away too quickly,and so i was turning waif like again.and had to go on sick from my job,as i was straining stomach muscles when trying to lift a hoover.

    so it seems to me that we have alot of things going on in our bodies with this fibro (as they call it).

    my biggest problem just now is trying to stop my spine from hunching over,so i do a stretching excersize each morning.

    i also joined a fibromyalgia/M.E support group,in my town,and i noticed that most of the ladies there are what my mum used to refer to as,,pigeon chested,,

    meaning that their ribcage seems to be pushed up,further up where the neck is.seems like a pigeons chest.

    i didnt have that as a younger woman,but when i feel my chest now,it seems that my chest is begining to become pigeon chested too.

    so it would be a ribcage problem wouldnt it? were the bones are being pushed upwards.

    i do know that whatever is causing this,is more that likely caused by spondylitis,as it is described in the leaflet.

    the leaflet suggests that before we get out of bed in the morning,we should lay on our stomach in bed for 20 mins.

    and lay on the stomach for 20 mins when first getting into bed at night.

    i did it last night,and could breath better,but my neck was very painful afterwards,so i took the pillow away,and then did it without the felt better that way.

    so it would explain why we have trouble breathing while standing up,and laying flat on our backs.

    compaired to being able to breath better when laying on the stomach.

    it seems our ribcage is changing shape,as we get older,and its likely to be due to spondylitis.

    maybe thats why the muscles hurt betwwen the ribcage too,because they are being squeezed tighter.

    take care all,love fran
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    I am an emphysema patient with fibro and that kind of hurt my feelings.
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