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    i thought i saw a post about a problem getting a deep breath. i am having this happen lately w/in the last 3 wks. i feel like i constantly want to yawn to get that breath. i started taking methadone 3 mos ago and wonder if this could be a side effect. i will ask the doc next week but in the mean time i'm having a panic and that makes it worse.i smoke but have cut down quitting in about 1mo. anyone know if this could be related to the meds? also is worse at night and find i have to sleep on my back to ease the gasping. any info is appreciated.
    have a great day
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    Looked up Methadone quickly for you...yes breathing problems can be a side affect with it...

    "Side Effects of This Medicine
    Although side effects from methadone are not common, they can occur. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

    upset stomach
    stomach pain
    difficulty urinating
    If you experience either of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

    difficulty breathing****
    fainting "

    You might be sensitive to this med and it sometimes takes awhile to build up in your system, might want to give your Dr. a call.

    Take Care.
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    I sounded like you about 6-weeks ago. I would also get really sleepyd son knew to gentle touch my arm and quietly say my name and I would regain alertness.

    Well, one nice Thursday evening as we were toting cornsticks to the church chili cookoff, I went all the way under ZAPP! as I approarched at an incline a rural-type train track!! My son screamed and I turned that 1990 Chevy Vsn (stub-nosed/like a cab-over) and barely averted probably killing the dear lady driving and a car-full of school-age little girls! I was beside myself. We ol\nly lived around the corner so I went in and immediately called my doc! He has a sleep study ordered as an emergency on the son said I had kept him up allnight for fear I was not going to breath again.

    Dear friend. I never in a million thought I was having acute obstructive sleep apnea. Its been my son and I for close to ten (He'll be 11 on this Scout outing).

    I was put (took us til 9:00 p.m. for the doc to find someone willing to openshop) on an oxygen concentrator w/another gizmo due to 'dry mount'. My score on the sleep study was an 11 which I am told was

    Get on down there and be tested/I take Provigil for it and was already taking it for EDS (escessive daytime sleepiness) its just been a matter of doseage.

    As far as it goes, I can still drive. The van I drive is a little tough as it has a factory installed lift which makes vis
    ibiity difficult...please...let your doc know before you are hitting REM sleep straight from an awake position! Lil/
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    Hiya Alice...

    PLEASE go see your doc about your breathing IMMEDIATELY. MUST quit smoking. I speak from experience.

    I smoked heavily for 25 years. I started having problems just like you....I went to my doc, but he said it was bronchitus...and to quit smoking.

    Five years ago I almost died from and asthma attack.
    Needless to say I don't smoke anymore.

    I have to chuckle when I hear a "smoker" complain aboput breathing problems. I mean, common, think about it. I too tried to blam it on EVERYTHING (weather, humidity, mold, etc.) except those gosh darn cigs.

    PLEASE, PLEASE don't learn like I did. YOu can quit. Yes you can. It's much easier than dealing wiht this DD on a daily basis. One day at a time.

    Warm fuzzies
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    thanks all for the info...achy: funny to me too about the smoking thing. but is CAN'T possibly be that!! LOL.

    cactuslil: were you taking methadone when this stuff w/the apnea and asthma happened?

    notonline: thanks for going to the trouble to look that up for me. i have a book but don't know the actual drug name for methadone.
    take care all