Breathing test UGHHHH

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  1. Crispangel66

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    Today I had to go have a breathing test.

    My dr thought about putting me on insulin you inhale for my diabetes.

    I don't think I did very well the tech said usually they want the patient to exhale for 6 seconds.

    The most I could do was 4 seconds.

    Then walking out to the car my hubby noticed how I was having trouble breathing and he said there is no way you can do that inhaled insulin.

  2. AllWXRider

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    Do you have swollen lymph nodes anywhere else? Under chin, armpits?

    Or was hard just simply due to weakness?

    ...I'm sorry, I just read your posting about the masses found in your breasts. That might restrict breathing.

    I think that Systemic Enzyme therapy might be something to look into. Dr. William Wong N.D. talks about Dr. Max Wolf Ph.D.x7 work with enzymes and endogenous tissue. All of our cells are tagged with our DNA, so enzymes won't dissolve those. They will dissolve anything else.

    Systemic enzymes are helping my mom with her FM at 6 tablets/day.

    "Forbearance" is using Virastop and Dr. Wong likes Vitalzym. I'm using Walmart "Rexall" Enzymes which aren't as good but they help me.
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