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    Hi does anyone else suffer bad breathing trouble? At night when trying to sleep I often can't sleep because of it its very scary my throat tightens up and feel like there's no air getting in I have to sleep with the cold windows open I try to breathe thru my nose and relax but its hard I don't know why I get this when trying to sleep?
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    A few questions to help clarify :

    Do you have fat around your neck ?
    Fat can cause breathing problems.

    Do you breath through your mouth and snore when you are sleeping ?

    Do you keep waking during the night ?

    What medications are you taking ?
  3. suzi123

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    No I am very skinny in fact

    I don't snore and breathe thru nose

    No medications

    No because I can't actually get to sleep

    Seems to be trying to sleep but when I'm in a deep sleep I don't notice it last night was worst ever last awake thinking my lungs were going to pack in just doesn't feel like they are going to breathe very scary don't know what to do I'm shattered
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    Likely to be anxiety/stress related. However, you need to discuss this issue with your doctor.

    A muscle relaxant can help but generally it's about learning to relax prior to going to bed and when in bed. Distraction helps, if you find yourself inwardly thinking and are more aware of breathing then focus outwardly or simply learn more about relaxation.
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    Hi,i had trouble breathing especially at night for years i felt i was drowning, in the morning afer a warm drink id choke up mucus sometimes lumpy. Finally i saw a different doctor at my practice i was sent to the asthma clinic where ive been on preventers. Sometimes its worse at night because all the crap from the air settles. So could it be asthma or is it more nasal? Either way go to your doctor. Make sure you havent got any mould growing in your bedroom. My asthma has got real bad of late and i found green fluffy mould behind wardrobe ewwwwww, not great i have the landlord coming on monday to take a looksee and get rid of it.
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    My doc says it is anxiety related; prescribed three mild dose Xanas a day and it helps enormously.

    However, if you are meds sensitive or don't want them, try lying down, taking 3 to 5 deep breaths consciously, in through your nose and out through pursed lips, almost "whistling" and slowly. Count 7 seconds in, and 8 seconds out. This may relax your ribcage and lungs so you can get into a smooth sleeping rhythm of breathing, relax everything.

    Think of a serene scene and try to hold that in your head while you relax.

    Now, all that being said, CFS and FM patients are notorious for not breathing correctly, and exercises to strengthen your respiratory muscles can be very beneficial.

    I not only have FM and CFS, but COPD and a muscle disease called Myasthenia Gravis (which has ONLY affected my eyes that I know of, but can affect chest muscles also), so I know these things help me, and hope they will also help you.

    skeptik 2