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    4 years ago I had a back operation and 2 months later I had a hard time breathing. Every time that I exercise or increase my heart beat for a couple of days I find it hard to breath. When I take my dog for a walk I have to keep my pace down to around 2.5 MPH or so and if I go to 3.5 MPH I could be down for a week. I also find myself yawning a lot. This has been going on for almost 4 years. My heart is OK and I pass the entire lung test and I seen all the head doctors so it is physical. Anyone ever have or heard of this?
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    Do you have fibro? Assuming there is nothing physical or "in your head" wrong, it could just be your muscles, squeezing to much around your chest.

    A Fibro symptom. Is it consistant with all exercise, or do you have good days and bad days?? Yesterday, for me, i couldn't go up and down our steps without shortness of breath, and squeezing in my chest.

    Other days, i'm just fine with steps. I've tried some deep breathing exercises and they really do help.

    Yawning is a natural response. You probably are a shallow breather, or like me, i sometimes find myself holding my breath! LOL

    I wasn't aware of it until i started the breathing ex.

    From my breathing ex. --Yawning is an excellant physical reaction. It fills lungs with air, and causes abdominal muscles to flex. It's a corrective measure that your body does to bring in more O2. It probably means you do hold your breath often.

    My Exercise come from the Miracle ball book, how to breath.
    It strenghten your diaghram and teaches you how to breath deeply.

    Nothing "spiritual" about it, we need to breath, and relax.

    Hope some of this helps??
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    I used to not be able to hold my breath at all, not even for 5 seconds without paying for it dearly. And sometimes, I would be sitting there minding my own business, and it would feel like I was drowning, although I was breathing normally. There was definitely something wrong with my body's ability to use oxygen or get it to where it needed to go. I think the mitochondria "fuel", (coq10, magnesium and carnitine), along with a good mineral supplement, a good electrolyte solution twice a day and the breathing exercise helped this.

    The first part of the this article, Diastolic Cardiomyopathy, should be able to help if this is your problem. It has to do with the ventricles not pumping properly due to low blood volume and that it can be corrected easily. It describes the breathing exercise and the need for magnesium and electrolytes. It's simple and really made a difference for me in a few days. It's not too long and it's easy reading.

    And then search for the articles "Heart Disease Secondary to Mitochondrial Malfunction" for doctor's recommendations about supplements for the mitochondria, the body's energy sources.

    good luck!

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    I started taking Magneisum supplements too, a good dose, and it's really helped with my heart palpitations. With would probably tie in with the breathing and heart stuff karen mentioned.
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    You might want to take 2 25mg. tabs of Benadryl. It is just a guess, but it is something I would do if in your position.


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