Breathlessness - expert advice needed!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by northcoombes, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. northcoombes

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    Hi All

    I really need your advice as I am feeling very depressed about not feeling well.

    I was diagnosed with Fibro six years ago although I consider I have it quite mildly and managed it well with 10mg of Elavil per night. I recently had a series of ops for an unrelated condition and since then have been experiencing burning back pain, sore hips, knees and fingers (especially when I wake) and a pulling sensation in both temples. The worst symptom however is the feeling that I can't get a breath. I have had some lung tests done which show my oygen transfer is a bit low and I am mildly hypoxic when exercising. My specialist says that anxiety wouldn't cause this (I suffer from panic attacks) so I thought it might be Fibro which is getting worse? Any opinions on this?

    Many thanks
  2. Lendi

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    It sounds like a fibro flair to me. Possibly because of the disruption of your body from the surgeries. I'm sure someone else will have better info. I'm still a newbie, but wanted to let you know I feel for ya. Lendi
  3. aduck

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    from the surgeries could be a big contributing factor I think, even though you think the anesthesia is probably all out of your body it just may be stored toxically for a long time maybe in your fatty tisseus or something. THe shortness of breath and faintness happens to me when I'm exposed to drugs and chemicals. Eating tons of protein like chicken and meats helps me so much, eating a little every hour if I have to.

    Any way you can get to some really fresh air daily for hours at a time? I live on the bay water in a little trailer park and it helps tremendously as long as there's no other bad pollution nearby. It's so windy here and that helps blow a lot of bad things away, too, plus the water it cleansing somehow. I love the salty smell and the humid tropical moist air. It helps me so much.

    I have had friends who could not function at all, they move to the much cleaner mountain areas up high, or to a beachfront, and they say after a few weeks or months they feel almost normal again until exposed to toxic chemicals if they have to go into the city. But their reactions become less severe as their bodies have healed a good amount from the clean air - the toxic things eventually come out of the body and brain and the body can start functioning much more normally again in my opinion because the brain isn't so "polluted" and sick from toxins. I know I've changed a lot for the better since living by the ocean - kind of dramatically better until this last flare up. I got some of my life back - shopping and socializing too!
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    I think they are right.... Quiet familiar to what I have... Every morning my hands are all but usable...
    Hope you are feeling better soon
    Best wishes
  5. northcoombes

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    Thanks guys - feeling a bit better today - breathlessness not so bad. I spent my whole life on the coast of various countries and found the sea air was great. Moved inland three years ago and things have worsened since then. I think all my problems are due to Fibro really - guess I just have to ride it out. Luckily I have a great rheumatologist now which is half the battle!

    Thanks for all your help
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  6. mamafurr

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    i can so sympathize w/that horrible breathing thing. are you on any opiods? that's what happened to me due to too much, too soon. maybe the anesthesia or something..anyway so glad to hear you are feeling better. i still need to come up for air once in awhile LOL
    take care.