Brick Walls Hurt

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HuggyMummy, Sep 3, 2003.

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    How long is it going to take me to finally realise that it is useless to bang my head against them?

    In my case the brick-walls are made up of UK GPs - all of them, it seems.

    Awful sleep at moment - either constant nightmares or no sleep at all

    GPs solution: More exercise, less caffeine, no 'nasty' TV programmes, etc, etc

    AND 'not every body needs so much sleep'!!!!!!

    My reply - 'Even if lack of sleep leaves you feeling appalling' - No response:( other than 'lack of sleep can't actually hurt you'

    I refused the 'few' sleeping tablets she offered - I need Stage 4 sleep, not more nightmares -but couldn't give me the amitriptyline I asked for.

    Didn't dare bring up FMS - it was too apparent that she'd got no clues where that's concerned.

    (She was actually a lovely doc, but totally clueless when it came to what I needed, and the harm that sleep deprivation (especially stage 4 sleep) can cause.)

    I wonder when I'll try banging my head again; or maybe I've learnt my lesson this time:(

  2. Mikie

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    Is there any way to request a specialist? I hope you can get some help.

    Love, Mikie
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    Have you tried melatonin, I've just ordered some to try cos my GP took my zolpidem away a few months ago, I've not slept more than 2hrs a night since,been lucky if I get that. He keeps insisting it's some kind of boomerang evect, when I explain no this is mt normal sleep pattern whem I'm without meds, hejust shakes his head and tuts, I've asked to look back through my notes so he can see what I mean but he hasn't yet,I think Shirl is taking it or it might be Mikie, I can't remember now I'll have to look for post again, anyway she takes melatonin to get her to sleep and something eles to help her get the stage four sleep, I,m gonna give em a try. Where abouts in the UK are you and how many GP's have you had to go through, surely there must be at least one in your towm who is knowledgeable or at least sympathetic, I'm soo sorry you just keep getting wallies! I hope things get better for you soon!

    Love & Light,
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    the drs in the uk, my aunts have/had fm, one of them was constantly told it was all in her head for years and when she did get "really " sick they didn't take much notice of her, and subsequently she died at the age of 52 of lung cancer, which was only diagnosed once she was already terminal.

    My second aunt has had fm for years , but it seems that her diagnosis took forever!! I had more tests done in 2 months (I live in Israel) , than she had done in 2 years !

    Everything seems to take forever over there.....seems the NHS has gone to the dogs!! I mean she had to wait 8 months to have an MRI , mine was scheduled for 10 days after I requested an appointment.

    I know my aunt gets alot of help from her reflexologist and aromatherapist, but unfortunately not all gp's are willing to give a referal, and as we all know, these things can cost ALOT of money if you go private.

    I wish I had something more positive to tell you Ruth, but all I can say is that I empathize with you, and suggest that maybe you try another GP.

    All the best,

    P.S. My second aunts Dr said after she died that she more than likely was also suffering from fm.....fat lot of good that did for her then.....maybe we should have it engraved on her tomb stone!!
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  5. pixipip

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    The other suppliment is called ZMA!

    Love & Light,
  6. Myth

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    'Not everybody needs so much sleep'? Jeez! The thing is people need at least Some restorative sleep. I am also pretty sure that lack of sleep can hurt you. Or at least studies in sleep deprevation have all indicated such. I think I would have been forced to mention how stupid that comment was, no matter how nice she is. Doctors can be very reluctant about the sleeping pill thing, but I have never had one reluctant to put me on amitriptyline. Not that I am one to give advice, apparently i enjoy banging my head against brick walls because I certainly have persistently gone to the same unresponsive doctor for the last year. Unfortunately it is so very tiring to find a new doctor, expecially when 'new' does not mean 'good' or even 'competant'.