Bright red hands and face, anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LFun, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. LFun

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    HI, I am new posting to the board, but a regular member of the fibro chat room. I recently had several episodes of my hands (palms and fingers only) turning bright red and my face (primarily cheeks) as well. I am usually not doing anything, just sitting or standing still and it just happens. Luckily, the last time happened when I was in my rhuemy's office! Now she has to believe me! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced it. I appreciate any input in advance as it may be a couple of days before I can check this post. God bless us all! We need it!
  2. ephemera

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    Yes, I have had this for years. I get a hot blood red face, the worst sunburn imaginable, in a very localized area. Then that area moves around my face, never below the jaw, & into the ears. The worst thing is that opposite of that spot in my face will be cold, in other words one hot ear, one cold ear, one hot jaw, one cold, etc.

    No doctor really knows what's happening, tho many have seen it in person.

    I've never had the fingers, otherwise I might investigate Reynaud's (sp?) syndrome.

    best wishes for your trying to get answers
  3. ask2266

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    on your face and hands then it could be a reaction to a drug you are taking. This reaction is known as Stephen Johnson's Syndrome. It can cause 3rd degree burns and kill you if you don't stop the drug. Be careful!
  4. pjsonnier

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    Huh, I for years have had red hands off and on, maybe it is from the Fibro
  5. romalaw

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    There was a similar thread on this subject a few weeks ago, I "bumped" it up for you so look for it to appear in today's postings under Redish Face. Hope it is helpful, I responded to that thread with similar symptoms.
  6. 139864

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    PLEASE do not take my word for this without first looking it up ( do a search )

    The palms of my hands are red most of the time from my liver disease ,PRIMARY BILIARY CIRRHOSIS which is a " autoimmune " disease with no known cause or cure YET !!!

    But I know that LUPUS sufferers also have the hands & what is known as a butterfly rash on the face ,(the cheeks and the bridge of the nose ) ..thats is how they know it is lupus .

    I hope I am wrong ..but maybe it's better that you find out one way or the other
    Best wishes
  7. LFun

    LFun New Member

    Thank you all so much for your postings. I will do some looking into regarding your ideas. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Hope all of you have a great day!

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