Britain's Got Talent Winner Paul Potts Opera singer

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  1. paulmack

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    Hi guys,we've had a Simon Cowell talent called "Britain's Got Talent" running all week over here in the UK.The winner wins a slot on the Royal Variety Show later this year plus £100,000.
    During the week when the auditions were being broadcast there was a very unassuming & shy guy Paul Potts who sang an amazing version of Nessun Dorma.This Paul Potts from Cardiff in Wales is just an ordinary guy working as a mobile phone salesman,but boy,can he sing.He's caused quite a stir over here & his Myspace website has received millions of hits in only a few days.
    Check out his amazing audition performance on Youtube at the link below.First time I heard it,it gave me goosebumps,& I don't normally listen to opera music.
    See what you think!!
    Hope you enjoy.

    The link is:
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  2. sisland

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    Wow! That was spectacular! It's so Kool when the ordinary guy like Paul Potts can Blow everyone away!

    Especially Simon Cowell!,,,,No Doubt Mr. Potts Has a future,,,,Loved it! Thanks for shareing that with us!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sydney
  3. budmickl

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    Thank you for posting this.

    I just watched the video. I am in awe. I don't know anything about opera but that was unbelievable! The judges were absolutely taken off guard by him.

    He said in the intro his has always had a problem with self-confidence. I feel Simon Cowell has (almost) redeemed himself for not being a jerk to this man.

    paulmack - can you keep us posted on how he does through out the competion? I don't know if we get it here in the states. Maybe its on BBC America, I can check. But I really hope this man goes all the way.

    I still have goose bumps and tears in my eyes. The audience seemed to be spell bound also.


  4. sisland

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    it's me again! lol,, The little girl named Conny that sang "somewhere over the Rainbow" was Brilliant! So happy for her!,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
  5. paulmack

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    Glad you both enjoyed Paul Potts.I try not to watch these programmes as once they've hooked you,you can't stop watching them,lol.
    But once I saw this guy Paul Potts,I was like wow,where did that performance come from,as it was totally unexpected.
    The way the audition programme was edited it showed you 3 or 4 dud acts just before this guy came on & the judges dismissed them out of hand & you could see by their faces that they were probably expecting Paul to be another dud.
    But the reaction this guy got was so amazing.It was really uplifting.

    The clip you saw was from last Saturday night's audition show & these audition shows have been running every night on ITN until Wednesday.Well last night was the first of 3 semi-finals when it showed you 8 acts & the top 2 acts voted by the public are voted through to Sunday night's final.
    Well,Paul was on last night's semi-final show singing "Time To Say Goodbye" & guess what he was brill again & was voted through first to Sunday night's final.
    Check the link below for last night's performance:

    Sis,the young girl Conny was so amazing,esp for a 6 year old.
    Budmickl,I'll certainly keep you posted on Paul's progress,& I think he's got a great chance in Sunday's final.
  6. kholmes

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    That gave me chills as well, I think because of his modesty and lack of confidence at the beginning of the clip. The judges looked genuinely surprised.

    Isn't that a great piece of music.

    Have to admit, the viewer's joke about Paul Pot having a bad track record in Cambodia made me laugh as well.
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  7. rockgor

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    Well, you can't sleep thru a performance like that.

    (This is a bit of sophisticated bi-lingual humor since "Nessun dorma" means "none shall sleep".)

    Lots of great opera singers from Wales, e.g., Bryn Terfel, Dennis O'Neill, Stuart Burroughs, Gywenth Jones, Geraint Evans, etc.

    Of course Wales is famous for its great male choirs. Sad to say that tho I have ancestors from Wales, I can't sing any better than frog.

    If Paul Potts does start singing opera, he'd better start w/ lighters roles. He'll ruin his voice if he sings heavy operas like Turandot.

    One of the most colorful and popular opera singers in America during the first decades of the 20th century was Mary Garden. Altho she never sang Lucia di Lammermoor (based on Sir Walter Scott's novel), Mary was from Aberdeen.


  8. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Hi Ken,that is a great piece of music.Pot in Cambodia,lol,however,I'm sure he'll make Pots of money after this.
    Hey Rock,sorry to hear your voice isn't as good as many of your Welsh ancestors,lol.
    Ellie,glad you enjoyed the clips.I don't normally like to watch these shows but must admit I'm hooked on this show.I'm just away to watch tonight's semi-finals on telly shortly.
  9. paulmack

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    Molly,you're right,this performance came as a complete surprise to everyone,it was great to see the judges & audiences' faces changing thro this guys act.

    Linda,yep,I hope he wins as well,I think he's been the best I've seen all week.
    In each sem-final there are 8 acts & the public votes by phone for their favourites with the top 2 going into Sunday's final.The outright winner of the public vote automatically goes thro to the final but those acts finishing 2nd & 3rd in the public vote & then put to the judges for them to decide who should also go thro.
  10. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Don't recall reading anything like that in our papers about Paul Potts.
    There were many front page stories yesterday in our papers about the impressionist guy Richard Bates who got thrown out of the semi-finals because he was on the sex offenders register,don't know if its maybe him you're referring too.

    Anyway,about last night's show.Connie was excellent,can't believe a 6 year-old can stand up & sing like that.And well done to the bar-tender guys,but I thought the guy Tony Laf(who lost his brother) deserved to go through before the Bar Wizards.I think the judges were determined not to put through all singing acts as this is a variety talent show.
  11. Defor

    Defor New Member

    I'm SOOOOOO sorry but someone told the the wrong name and yes, it was the impressionist. I feel dreadful because that's how rumours get started.

    I was hoping that Tony Laf would get through too...he 'lived' that song and put his heart and soul into it.

    Thanks for putting me right Paul,
  12. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Did connie the 6 year old get put through to the next Round?,,,,,She is so amazing for her age! America's got Talent was on last night also

    and some of the contestants just have to stand up there and beg the judges and cry to put them through and they get it every time,,,,,S
  13. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Yeh,Connie is through to tonight's final.She won last night's semi-final outright singing an excellent version of "Ben".
    Can't believe she's only 6,the presenters asked her if she was nervous & she replied no,lol.Oh to be 6 again. Seriously,it is amazing for a 6 year-old to be able to sing like that.Think she may be a strong favourite to win it along with the opera guy Paul Potts.
    I may miss the actual show tonight on telly as I'm going out but I'll post in the morning & let you know who wins.

    Check out the link below for a list of tonight's 6 finalists,however I believe they aren't the best 6 that were put thro.There were a few better singers but the judges put thro alternative acts such as the bartender jugglers & dancers to give the show a bit of variety as I don't think they wanted all vocalists to be voted into what is namely a variety talent show.
  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks for the link! I will check it out! Glad Connie got through to the next round! Mr Potts will probably win but it's always nice to see young Talent ,,,,Must be a God given Gift!,,,,,,,,,,,,Have Fun on your outing!,,,,,,,,look forward to results tommorow,,,,,,,,Sis
  15. paulmack

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    Hi guys,never actually watched the show last night,too busy watching the Spanish soccer on tv,David Beckham & Real Madrid etc winning the Spanish Primera Liga.
    But heard that Paul Potts the opera singer has won Britain's Got Talent.Overall I think it was very well deserved & Simon announced that Paul won't be going back to his day-job but will be recording an album next week.
    Check the you-tube link below for the result & a final performance by Paul Potts.

    And heres his performance before being announced as the winner,was pretty special:[This Message was Edited on 06/18/2007]
  16. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yea! For Paul Potts! A very Deserving winner! Lucky guy not having to go Back to his Day job!! lol ,,,,,,Off to watch his last preformance,,,,,,Thanks for posting this,,,,,Sis
  17. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for telling us about him---he's really amazing! I watched the link you gave us yesterday with my hubby, and then this morning there was a segment about Potts on our national news. Apparently he was a cell phone salesmen for 8 years and got his humble start singing by doing karaoke.

    We have the same show here, called very appropriately "America's Got Talent". It's a complete copycat from your British show---we even have Piers Morgan as one of the judges.

    Have a great one!

  18. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Yep,I think he was a very deserving winner.The whole of Britain has been transfixed with this guy since he appeared on our screens last week.Apparently he's £30,000 in debt so the £100,000 will definitely come in handy.
    He also revealed that a top cosmetic dentist has offered to fix his teeth for free,lol.Seems as if everyone wants a bit of the action.
    Good luck to him,he's been my favourite all week.

    Hope the American version throws up some real talents.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    at the end of Nessun Dorma, "Vincitor". Victory!

    And that little girl who danced was fantasic too.

    Thanks for the post, Paul.

  20. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Thanks for the Latin translation Rock,it's been sooo long since we did that at school that all my Latin knowledge has been erased from my brain,lol.Haha I do remember the title of the schoolbook though,"Ecce Romani" I think.
    "Vincitor" to Paul Potts,what an amazing story this guy has had over the past week.Maybe there will be a film based on his lifestory??
    OMG Linda,how do you put up with temps of 113F,no way I could handle that.We've had temps of around 60F for the past week or so with plenty of rain,& this weather is ideal for my Fibro.As soon as the temps go over 70F my pains get worse so don't think I could handle your desert temps.
    Maybe you could retire to Scotland,lol.Definitely no desert temps here.