British Columbia Lyme doctors told not to trust US labs...

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  1. victoria

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    Interesting that Canada's health care system says US lab tests are not to be trusted, yet they won't give reliability data on Canada's national labs testing lyme-- citing national security...

    I'm thinking nat'l security means the health care system.

    Well, it's the same here, what else is new...

    Doctors failing to treat Lyme disease: B.C. victim's family

    Victim's group says hundreds are suffering needlessly

    Last Updated: Monday, February 25, 2008
    CBC News, Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto, Canada or:

    The parents of a young woman diagnosed with Lyme disease are speaking out against the B.C. health system because, they said, doctors have failed to properly treat their daughter, causing her to become much sicker than she might have been otherwise.

    "Our health-care providers are very biased about this disease. They don't want to acknowledge it," said Jay McQuhae, the woman's father. "You are helpless. Your hands are tied. You can do nothing but just sit there and watch your daughter deteriorate."

    Marie McQuhae, 23, believes she may have contracted Lyme disease when she was bitten by a tick while hiking the West Coast Trail a few years ago. She remembers a rash on her lower leg, which she didn't think too much about at the time. Over the last three years, McQuhae said she's had all the classic symptoms listed in the B.C. Health Guide.

    Full story:

    Share your thoughts and read what others have to say Your View - British Columbia Is the B.C. health system equipped to diagnose and treat Lyme disease? or:

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    I am going to my doc in an hour or so, and so I went to the Igenex site to print out the order form, etc.

    I noticed they have a very recent download (2/8/08) that explains how there was a NYTimes article that cast suspicion on them, so they have uploaded all of their state lisencing, inspection and CDC evalulation forms.

    This should help us all to feel a little better about their reliability.

    I realize now I should make this a new thread for anyone who hasn't seen it, but maybe someone can do that--

    gotta go!
  3. victoria

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    Yes, there were many on the other board at the time of NYTimes article discussing it... most of us know this... but it is good to remind everyone as sometimes we don't get to hear 'the rest of the story', just the initial false info.

    Sadly, NY Times is becoming known for falsehoods and at best, innuendos without facts... maybe that's the only way they can survive as a newspaper today?

    IGenex from what I've understood was just undergoing a routine evaluation required by all labs!

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    Do the ticks read road maps? Do they fall off of birds, deer and small wildlife at the border? Do they have to show their passports to cross over into Canada?

    All one has to do is look at the US infection map to see how Bb has spread north. Wisconsin and Minnesota are black with cases. One doesn't have to be a genius to connect the dots.

    Ooops..forgot we are dealing with government agencies!

    We went on a trip through the Canadian Rockies in 2005. After a side trip to Northern Wisconsin to visit my daughter (sea kayak instructor on Lake Superior), we were in BC and Alberta for several weeks.

    I came home from this trip very sick with a pressure headache. I was unable to go back to work. Wonder if I picked up another strain!? I have no doubt I'm harboring many strains of Bb in addition to Babs, and Bart.
  5. victoria

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    our Homeland Security should learn a lesson from Canada...?


    No matter how the powers-that-be ANYwhere spin things,

    Denial is NOT a form of security, as we all have learned the hard way.

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    Hi, I was just diagnosed with Lyme in January, by a Doctor that practises in Hope and Vancouver. I had an igenex test and it came back negative, but I tested positive for co-infections and all symptoms. The Doc told me that even the igenex test isn't all that reliable. He's treated thousands of people here, and even he has trouble with Doctors accepting this diagnosis. He has just retired and is now teaching Doctors in Vancouver about Lyme disease. Unfortunately, it was thought that we didn't have it here, so I'm sure many people are suffering and don't even know what it is. It does seem to be coming out of the closet more and more. All wev'e had is this one crappy lyme test. Anyway he will be hooking me up with a Doctor in Alberta, since that is closer for me. I'm a lucky one that got to see a lyme doctor! Thanks Poppy
  7. victoria

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    Yep, there's no 100% reliable test; at best IGenex is about 70% reliable. the tests for the other co-infections are even less reliable, so it is AMAZING that you showed positives ...

    my son only showed positive to Lyme, but it became apparent that he likely had babesia and bartonella as well...

    I'm so glad you were able to find a good doctor there!

    all the best,