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    Hi, I see that you haven't been on the board in a while. How are you doing? Did you get the CPAP?

    Post when you can. I think with the ups and downs of this DD, PWYC, should be a mantra for those of us.

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    How many times did you stop breathing over 10 sections? Can't even think of the initials for that. Anything over a five times per hour. needs to be treated. Hope yours is less. Mine was only 12 during regular sleep but 51 during REM sleep. I had no idea I was waking up that often.

    Here's a great I had no trouble with the new type of mask but I guess I am lucky. The machine is quiet. The mask consist of what is called pap pillows and fit under the nose. I have no idea how they even stay there, actually I do it's the suction.

    It's made a big difference. It also helped with pain, my EDS and my BP meds. were reduced.

    Sleep is sooooo important for us.

    There are many myths associated with sleep apnea. You don't have to be overweight, not saying I shouldn't lose a few pounds, but over 50% aren't overweight. I think my dad has this but his pcp said since he wasn't fat he didn't need a test. WRONG!!

    Very important to get a doc certified with the ???????? Sorry I am so foggy and sleepy I can't think. I need to go to bed, LOL!!

    Gotcha. Take care.

    I will always have the FM to contend with.

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