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    Hello my painpals~~~~when i first saw the site, i read, i identified, i asked for help, i expressd my problems, and i tried to give advice from my own life dealings. well i realized that i never said anything about myself and my ilnesses.So how could i ask for advice if you all didn't have my info.i could sure advice for many things. its very appreciated! I have spinal arthiritis, degenerative dics, two badly bulging dics,tendonities, arthiritis in my hands ns feet, and the horrible fibro!!!!, which ran through my whole body, severe headaches due to the fibro which are almost a everyday thing for me.I no longer in the work force, [buss. adm.],I'm always alone now, no one likes to come over cuz i no longer am fun to be with, cuz i dont drink, [pain meds ya know]. but alot of you already know afew of my worries, as you have replied back, big thanks, oh, I'M FEMALE, don't let d name pacotaco fool ya, its my chihuahuas name! Last, i have a husband who really makes my fibro so much worse with the grief he gives me as you all will find out. this is my 4th day[hmmm3rd?]. but i feel right at home with all of you, but I'm sorry at the same time that you are here, that means your in pain, and that i am sorry for.guess we're a big support/friendship online bunch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A BIG THANKYOU FOR READING THIS~~~~~~MISS PACOTACO
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    I've been on a few times. I go into the spiritual/worship board. I see now, that I can sure relate to a lot of what is being said on this board. Hoping I can get some help. Jam has given some great advice on some of my questions. You will get different help. I like to go check it out on the net and study it up. If you can, it really helps to see the different things there for us.
    Take care, sorry about your pain, we truly understand.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    glad you joined us! (but sorry you're suffering) this is a really great, supportive and caring bunch of people, many of whom do have some good advice to share

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