Brother Geroge malkmus hallejuah acres diet

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    Has anyone (I’m sure you have) looked into the halejah acres diet, dr. olin ND with halejah acres in shelby NC sent me
    rhonda (george is her founder husand) malkmus raw foods cookbook, problem is
    supposed to rotate foods although cheney and even carolina health center the
    intergrative approach place said incorporate the moderate and mild sensitive
    foods in my sever case,

    so confused cheney says comp. digestive anaylsyis shows small intestine too
    alkaline at 8.0 ph i'm having the reflux it's worse do to the binging on
    bananas and cravings for peanut buutter cocunut milk even the pure stuff i
    overate i'm starving so much,

    go to the GI dr. in paducah and of coruse he says try prevacid, which i hate
    to do cause of past history of side effects and i hate meds,

    i pray for a better way,

    Bruce fife ND in his detox book he sent me free some time ago says low HCL or hypachloridia as cheney says I have per clinicial and CDSA testing, no matter what you eat,

    but raw food advocates like brother george and rhona his wife malkmus founders of halleugah acres and the diet and her boo recipes for life and even norman walker says the raw foods and juices provide the needed enzymes, and you don’t need the suppls like HCL products,which now hurt my stomach

    they advocate mainly veggie way, no dairy, quote norman walker who's written
    several juicing books often, i think he's kind of like bernard jensen the
    CA nutritinist only they
    don't agree on the s. dairy whey, or any dairy period

    any opioions ?? pm

    )PS beauty simplicity will yo read and reply on your experiene you posted about juicing and raw foods

    hard to follow recipes in the recipes for life they sent me and rotate foods, is this necessary ???? most food allergies due to poor digestion in us anyway, right?/
    paul mark ---