Brother in hospital with kidney failure - Update

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    Hi all,

    I don't usually post here, I post mainly on the Chit Chat board.

    My brother who is 55 was hospitalized yesterday with kidney failure. They didn't catch it right away because he had had a medication change last Thursday and was throwing up all day Friday. Doc thought it might be a reaction to new med and had him stop taking it after two doses.

    He did not improve and continued to throw up anything he ate or drank over the weekend and Monday. Saw his doc on Tuesday and they hospitalized him and started running tests.

    He has dropped about 15 lbs since Friday and doc said that the fact that he is overweight probably kept him out of intensive care.

    There are several possibilities of what it is. Some fairly simple and treatable, some not. Doc feels it is highly possible that he has some sort of cancer.

    Main concern this morning is getting his blood cleaned and he will be on dialisis this morning.

    We have been truly blessed with 10 siblings aged 39 to 64 with only one other major illness and no deaths.

    Please pray for my brother. His name is Mac. Also for my older sister who is very close to him and will be devestated if anything happens to him. He has a wife and three grown sons who also need your prayers.

    Thank you all

    Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers.

    I got a call from my nephew last night and my brother has been moved to the cancer ward. They have found cancer cells and protien in his blood stream.

    The oncologist said it could be one of several types of cancer but he didn't want to speculate and "give you false hope."

    What ever type of cancer he has appears to be quite aggressive and since it is already affecting his kidneys the doctor is quite concerned.

    I should know more this afternoon.

    Again, thank you for praying for all of us. My older sister, Kris, who is very close to my brother and spends at least one evening a week with him and his family is not handling the situation well. Please keep her especially in your prayers.

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    Will keep you all in my prayers. Sounds like he is getting good care.

    Take care of yourself during this stressful time.

    Haven't seen you on chit chat for awhile, hope everything else is ok.

    hugs and prayers...
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    I`m sorry to hear your brothers is so sick. Will certainly add my prayers for him. Take care!
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    Please add me to the list for prayers. This must be a terribly scary time for all of you. My family has been through so much, and it is never easy. So will pray for the docs to find an answer, and comfort for the family.
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    Praying for your brother and his family which included YOU! Also, praying the doctors will be filled with wisdom and be able to give the right treatment.

    Hang in there. What a hard time. Do you live far apart? Waiting for the phone to ring is so nerveracking...have experienced this.

    Take care.

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    He's only about 40 miles away. His son is about 150 miles from here and has been, as he put it, playing town crier and keeping us all up to date.

    Got an email from my sister just before lunch and they have determined it is a cancer in his blood. Don't know anything more or if they will find anything else, just praying that this will be treatable.

    Thank you all!