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    Hey there, not remember the bump? please! Who dosent remember the bump? and your right if i even tried that now i would never be able to move again not to metion the bruse's,lol. As far as whats doing in long beach a whole lot of nothing,lol i dont drive so the only time i get out is to go to the dr and market when my husband is off,i try to walk as often as i can with my trusty ole walker,lol but thats not really a lot i havent been feeling very well so i havent really left the house except to our back yard to watch my grandson play.Thank God for grandchildren! If it wasent for this computer i wouldent have a whole lot to do i do love to read but this thing lets me see wahts new out there! God that sounded sad. Anyway i was thinking of sending some of the fee papers about fibro and cfs to the press telegram and see what they will do i do read that i will have to look for your name,do you write them often? well look it was my time to gab,sorry about that,lol well take care and i hope your doing well and i hope you dont get no cloud burn,lol seeing as thats all we have,but thats ok the heat makes me sick ok enough already,angelkisses
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    angelkisses6 New Member

  3. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    Bump!Bump!Bump!Bumpity Bump!LOL
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    I know what you mean, about not going anywhere.
    Most of my Friends, either work for a Dr, or a Pharmacy, or at my 2 favorite markets, lol, lol

    What a life we lead, huh?

    I finally got the tag's for my car, DH took his sweet time getting to the DMV, but now I am free to use my Car again.
    Gotta a great Thrift store I plan on visiting tomorrow.

    I have a Brother in a NH in LB, and I visit him just about every day.
    I was sick for awhile , and couldn't go, much, but with the Weather better, Finally, ;o)
    I will get out more.
    I like it warm but not Hot.

    I use 2 canes, it's easier for me to walk that way than with a walker. I have shoulder problems, and the canes are kinder to me.

    We will have to meet up sometime, when the weather is better.
    Do you like Hoff's Hut? I Love their Cherry Pies, in fact that is about all I do eat, that and Chicken.
    Oh well, I am a regular at the one on LB Blvd. lol,

    So Nice to have someone from LB to talk to.


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