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    Anyone have this type of pain in legs ?
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    This is the 3rd thread that you have asked the same question. I replied in one of them that YES, I had this feeling in my legs too, and I was diagnosed with Fibro... Have you been to a Dr yet???????????????????????????????????????
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    Karkel, you haven't responded as to how your doctor diagnosed you and wondered about Fibro. What's did s/he tell you? From your post below on 10/18/10 to the Fibro Board, you said you were on Vicodin (and what other meds might you be taking, including cold/sinus meds, at the same time). Since you were interested in other medications, are you on withdrawal from Vicodin that it might create some withdrawal symptoms?


    You previously told the Fibro board on 10/18/10:


    Which has the least side effects and works the best ? Going to doctor friday...want to try something besides the Vicodin I'm on."
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    Many people with FM report a painful sensitivity in their muscle and surrounding tissue, which could be described as "touching a bruised muscle". After all, this kind of pain description simply sounds like a dull, sensitive ache, which is extremely common in FM sufferers.

    HOWEVER, this kind of pain (especially in the peripheral extremities), can also be associated with cardiovascular illness/conditions.

    Some questions;

    Have you ever been told that you have high blood pressure or cholesterol?
    Have you recently been on a long flight or train ride etc?
    Have you noticed any changes in skin color or sensation in your legs, arms, hands, or feet?
    Are you a diabetic, or are you at risk of diabetes (family history, obesity/overweight etc)?
    Have you noticed any swelling in your legs or feet?
    Are your toe nails dead or dry, how long has this been the case?

    As always, the best advice is to visit a trusted medical doctor, speak to them about your concerns, and have a thorough check-up.

    Good luck

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