Bruises and cuts not healing well?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tigger57, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    Anyone else have trouble with cuts and bruises that don't heal or seem to take forever to heal?

  2. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    My cuts and bruises not only take forever to heal, I also bruise for no particular reason.

    After being in TX this past week, my arms and legs are covered with bruises. Doc has run blood work to test, but still no answers.

  3. dakotasweett

    dakotasweett New Member

    I have the same issue. I had a laparoscopic surgery about 2 months ago and the incisions have still not totally healed. I also bruise very easily. I don't totally understand why...but my doctor doesn't seem overly concerned, so I just deal with it.

  4. lamchop

    lamchop New Member

    Low Vit C levels will contribute to these problems. Since C is consumed even more by a body under stress, it comes as no surprise that the levels get low.
  5. Grandma6

    Grandma6 New Member

    It not only takes a long time for them to heal but like another post, I get bruises easier and it seems like any flu, cold or anything else going around, I get and it takes me twice as long to get over than other people and my symptoms are twice as hard.

    Everything is doubled or tripled as far as getting over it or buising going away or cuts healing up.

    Since I don't drive I don't really leave the house much except doctor appointments so maybe my immune systom is down. If the grand kids school has a "flu virus" going around it's like they don't get it but carry the "bug" to me and I get it. My husband had the 24/hr flu virus recently and when he got over it I got it and he said, "Well it will take you 48 to 72 hours to get over it.

    Is that the same for others?

  6. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    If I get a "bug" it usually takes me 2 or more weeks to fully get over it.

    and bruises/cuts...if you didn't know better youd think hubby beats me I keep so many and for so long and seem to often get for no reason as well. Still have a few from my emg a month ago! Doc said extra magnesium/potassium and vit c would help...who knows
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  7. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I think it comes with the FMS, as I constantly have them.
    Most times I don't even know where or when I got them, they are usualy greenish.

    I also get the Hemota's, if I bruise from a Fall.
    Takes forever to fade away.

    I have 3 skin lesions on my right arm that won't go away, they bleed at times because I pick at them in my sleep.

    I'm seeing a Dermetologist soon for them, after my tirp,
    I'm trying to have fun, in Cold Idaho, brrr. lol

  8. confident

    confident New Member

    if someone has a vitamin K deficiency.

    Hope it helps.

  9. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I'm not diabetic, but I have to make sure I supplement my body with extra vitamins and minerals because I had gastric-by-pass surgery. I had blood work done last Friday to see what level everything is at. I'm waiting for the results.

    Thanks, the shelties are getting lots of hugs these days. They've been keeping me together a little bit since I haven't worked. I'm so afraid of losing the roof over their head right now. I'm praying for a job.
  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My cuts don't heal well because I am a diabetic.

    My broken foot took over 1 year to heal!

    You said you weren't a diabetic, but maybe your glucose level is close to being one, but you've just not been diagnosed as a diabetic??????????????????????????

    Does the bruising have anything to do with your circulation?


    Edit - did someone mention Vitamin K? I know it has to do with your blood clotting, but healing????????
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