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    I recently have been experiencing severe bruises on my skin, when I can't even remember injuring myself. Now I have a large bruise on my arm, and a few weeks ago I had two large bruises on my legs, and part of my leg was swollen. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your help.
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    I have that problem myself. I'm sure it's due to some vit/mineral difficency. It can be embarressing. I know my massage therapist always asks me why I'm so bruised. I always suspect she thinks my husband hits me.
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    if you look too hard at me I will get a bruise.

    I too cannot explain the bruises...they just appear. Sometimes from walking or swimming!

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    I have them too on the inside of both thighs, my doctor even noted it on my physical for LTD. Has anyone asked their Rheumy about it. It is really strange. They come and go. I can't figure it out either.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thanks a bunch
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    I used to get this too, and it is embarrassing. Three drugs can be big culprits in causing excess bruising: aspirin (can't take for this reason), Elavil, alcohol. I'm sure there are others, those were the biggies for me.

    What can address your bruising problem, and cleared mine right up for me is zinc and vitamin C. And the vitamin C needs the cofactors of the vitamin C complex, that is, bioflavinoids, since bioflavinoids contribute to collagen formation and strengthen blood vessels and epithelial tissues.

    So I take 50-100 mgs of extra zinc, lately only need one 50mg pill a day, but needed 2 X 50mgs for the longest time or else bruised like an abuse victim. I don't take a fancy or expensive vit. C, I just use cheap calcium ascorbate powder in my water. This is a form of ascorbic acid, only part of the vitamin C complex, that is buffered w/ calcium, making it very absorbable, w/ the bonus of giving you extra calcium. I've never been able to take calcium pills because they'd always constipate me, same w/ magnesium pills, and don't seem to need to, I get them in my multi, which I tolerate well as long as they are in a combo of synergistic minerals.

    I get the best source of bioflavinoids you can get by eating lotsof raw veggies and low fructose fruits. My pre-breakfast, first thing w/ my vitamins is some raw baby carrots, romaine or leaf lettuce, celery, cucumber, red, yellow, orange or green bell peppers, or grapefruit. Some combo of a few of those, and more w/ my later snack and meals.

    Now I'm virtually bruise free. It takes one heck of a wack to land one on me, but that's normal now.

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    Could be anything from something associated with meds to something more serious, or nothing at all.

    Best thing to do is get some labs to check blood.

    Good luck
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    Eight years ago I was bruising but just sort of ignored it since I bruise easily. Turns out I had acute leukemia, a rare form that is usually fatal. I was quite fortunate to receive a new drug that put the disease into remission; I am even more blessed to be alive eight years later. So, please, check unusual symptoms like excessive bruising out with your doctor. A simple CBC will tell whether your blood is O.K. Taking aspirin daily will cause you to bruise easily but anything out of the ordinary warrants a look-see.