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  1. Mom2Two

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    As you may or may not have read I have had a severe itching reaction to something. The result is both of my upper legs look, literally, like someone has taken a bat to them. This is where I was scratching. But it shouldn't have bruised like it did. Are we (FM) more prone to bruising? I have noticed other bruises that I could not explain. Any ideas?
  2. selma

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    be taking a mineral or vitamin that thins the blood!
    Be careful. Ask a doctor.
    Sorry about the brusing. I get it too.
    Love, Selma
  3. kadywill

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    check out my posts on my chronic idiopathic angioedema/urticaria. I have a thirty year history of itching/hives/facial swelling along with the chronic fatigue and pain. The itching was the very first symptom and it started during my first pregnancy at the age of 17. It progressed from there.There is a site on Yahoo for urticaria....even without the hives, you should check it out.