Brutal Anxiety

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  1. massmike

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    Hi all,

    I am experiencing terrible anxiety and/or panic. I seem to think it has something to do with the recent temperature change here in massachusetts. Not a big change but enough for me to feel different. In the past I have tried Xanax, prozac, wellbutrin, celexa, elavil, and a couple more I cannot think of. All of these meds made me worse. All I take is tranzadone to sleep at night. I am waking up 3 or 4 times a night with my heart pounding. I cant even concentrate enough to shave today. Any suggestions? Are there others out there that cannot seme to tolerate psych meds even at very low doses?????? I almost feel like I need to go to the hospital. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. IgotYou

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    I went through a bout of constant anxiety attacks and at one point went to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. My problem turned out to be acid reflux disease, which mimics those things. Once I went on protonix, my "anxiety attacks" stopped. You may very well be having anxiety attacks, but since medication for them isn't working, maybe this is something to consider.
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    I am sorry you are suffering with those darned things. It makes life hard, huh? The weather I think does intensify them. The first panic attack I remember was when I was like six or so and we were at the State Fair and the nights were turning cool. I awoke in the tent and thought my teeth were going to rattle out of my head. My body shook from head to toe and I felt this intense feeling of doom.

    I have survived 44 more years of panic attacks..and the only thing I can do for them is drop half a Valium and in a few minutes they subside.

    I must say though..I have had maybe two panic spells in the last five weeks...I hardly know how to act WITHOUT them! The thing that has changed them for me..the holistic nurse I go to is working on my adrenals..I read where they are the big culprit with these panic attacks/anxiety. Soooo...I do not know if you are inclined to go see someone about your adrenals..but it seems to have made a HUGE difference in my much more.

    I am taking supps not meds for this. Good luck to ya. If nothing else, try to cut back on your caffeine and sugar and keep some magnesium going into your bod..if you are okay taking mag.
    .. Sherry
  4. massmike

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    thanks for responding. well i had a upper gi done and I do have that but never really had to go on medication for it?? how does acid reflux cause anxiety attacks??
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    Im also from Massachusetts. I could have written you last post myself!!! Im still struggling and searching for meds myself.

    I just a few weeks ago had to take 5 weeks off from work because my anxiety was sooo bad I felt as tho I needed to "check myself in".

    As of now, klonopin works well for my anxiety. Ive just started celexa (again) which worked ok years ago (after my body adjusted to it). Also, I had one doc prescribe liquid srri's. That way you cant start out at literally one mg. at at time and build up. That seemed to help me.

    I did tolerate effexor xr pretty well. Some side effects but not anxiety. I did gain some weight on it, but looking back, worth every pound.

    I could add to your list of meds.(as well as homeopathy, holistic docs, acupuncture, chinese meds, etc). I think people with generalized anxiety disorder have to be extra careful with ssri's. They stimulate and make us more anxious. And I dont know about you, but my brain is hyper aware. If I feel the tiniest bit funny, bam, im panicy. I just started behavorial/cognitive therapy and I think that will help alot for me. I feel like my brain just is constantly searching for something to explain the anxiety. Anxiety seems to grab onto any weak thought.

    Good luck...I just want you to know your not alone.


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    Hi Mike,

    I first got sick in 99 - going back for my second year of law school - it started out with my heart pounding (on antibiotics) and got worse - I had the worse anxiety along with CFIDS symptoms - I was switched to another antibiotic and xanax - I got even worse - this went on for weeks - terrifed of what I was feeling I kept taking the xanax but realized (somehow) - that it was the medications I was taking - I cannot take anything AT ALL now that I have CFIDS - or else my body responds that way. I wonder if you are experiencing an intolerance from the tranzadone.


  7. nygirl

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    Dear Mike,
    I'm so sorry to hear about the panic. My spells like that panic and insomnia can last a long time. I actually find that if I over medicate it can make it worse - I usually take half of something when it's bad but not a full pill. I would call your doctor and see what he says. But also just try to keep the most regular schedule that you can. Give yourself lots of down time and know that it will pass. A lot of people react to the light changes going on right now. Pick yourself up one of those lamps that give direct sunlight and try and spend some time outdoors every day.
    Good luck,
  8. libralady

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    Mike - I, too, am taking Trazodone. I found I had to increase my dose a little when I started waking with severe anxiety. You may want to discuss with your MD. Sometimes, just a half tab will help. Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Essences is very, very, helpful with that heart-pounding feeling. It's available at health food stores. Valerian Root is good, too. Be sure to follow the directions/recommendations on the bottle and make sure there are no drug interactions with what you are taking. I have never had a problem, (I take Trazodone and Lexapro) but that doesn't mean you might not. Better be safe than sorry.

    All the best - LibraLady
  9. dannybex

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    Hi Mike,

    Look up anxiety in the dictionary, and you'll find my picture. Still, I've had some luck trying natural remedies, or at least non-drug supplements. They've helped me very much in tapering off of klonopin, and valium to where I'm now taking only 5 mgs of valium a day.

    Some possibilities: Have you had your cortisol levels checked? You can order a salivary coritsol test. Mine was sky high all day long (measured 4 times, from 8am to midnight.) A lot of those antidepressants you were taking raise cortisol, so it's good you're off of them.

    Anyway, I took a supplement called Seriphos, which helps CALM the adrenal response, and lower cortisol, and it really does work, at least for me. Made me TOO tired during the day, so I've cut back a bit. Note too that melatonin, often recommended for better sleep, can sometimes also raise cortisol.

    The other product that has helped is called True Calm, put out by NOW. I can even remember some dreams these days, if I take one or two at night. Also, as some have suggested, magnesium and/or calcium, and or both, help some, as does zinc.

    As for the acid reflux -- although this will sound really weird, you may actually not be producing enough stomach acid. Acid reflux can actually be a symptom of this according to Dr. Jonathan Wright. I know that I'll get acid reflux if I drink more than a half cup of water with meals, but if I take betaine hydrochloride (hydrochloric acid) capsules with my meal -- no problemo.

    Hope some of this helps.


    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Hi Mike,
    First you should go to the Dr to rule out any other possability's,
    Then if you are having Anxiety & Or panic attack's Get to the Dr 7 ask to try CLONAZEPAM'
    I do have anxiety,& Panic attac's,
    I'v takin this for yr's now, It dosent make you fill werd or anything, for me I give this example,
    One night the kid's & hubby wear fighting w/ each other
    I couldn't take another moment of it ,It was so bad i couldnt even think clearlie, well took a clonazepam , Looked out the kitchen widow , W/in 10 minutes I was back, So I could think clear!!!!
    and left the situation
    Hope this help's
    let me know
    cindy liteflames
  11. Cactuslil

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    Aside from panic disorder et al. I had a very low b/p all my 53 years and a high pulse rate ie. 90/50 and 140+ //
    Well, I was put on a beta blocker to strengthen the efficiency of the heart and thus the tachycardia would subside. Believe me, it is a horrid feeling trying to sort a cardiac rhythm prob. from a panic attack and one can feed off each other!

    With only 3 cusps wherein the mitral valve is located and if you have collagen disease along with FMS, one mitral valve is made of collagen thus the prolapse...throw in a little PVC and your're in ...errrr ka-ka!

    I don't know what I would do without my pharmacist. I had a near fatal reaction to morphine; however the effect of the anaphalactic reaction was fueled by flexeril! I have obstructive sleep apnea and now have to watch what may decrease my breathing!! Crap-right? Thanks to my C-PAP w/humidifier/heater and 3 whatevers of O2 added, I am beginning to feel better than I have in nine years! But it is quite a balancing act! CactusLil'
  12. IgotYou

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    Reflux doesn't CAUSE anxiety attacks - it mimics them.
  13. Mikie

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    Klonopin has done away with my anxiety/panic attacks. It also helps with sleep, muscle spasms, tinnitus, and sensory overload.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Nannibel

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    I've noticed that my anxiety level increases when I haven't had adequate rest, because I will have days of intense dread and anxiety, finally from exhaustion have a decent sleep, and the anxiety mysteriously dissappears. So, anything that helps you sleep I would say could help with the anxiety.
  15. beckster

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    with the adrenal problems??? Would be ver interested in this. thanks
  16. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I would be glad to share them. My holistic nurse uses supplements from Biotecs Research Laboratories. You can do a search on the net for that name and I think you will find it okay.

    She has me on Cytozyme AD and Immuplex for my adrenals. Also Liquid Iodine (NOT the red stuff!)

    It has been so odd and yet it has taken me sooo far in six weeks..I have a hard time believing it still. The very first dose was a bit unnerving. I laid down afterwards and closed my eyes. All of a sudden it was like my brain turned upside down. I thought whoaaa! That was it..every since then only good things. She said (with a HUGE smile on her face) Sher, that was your adrenals get fed..she said it was like pushing an on button for them.

    I have done things that I have not done in YEARS! Beckster..I went shopping..out to eat in restraunts, in and outta malls and grocery stores. I am cleaning my house. I have unloaded HAY WAGONS!! And I am absolutely shocked. No words can say how I feel about words can tell you how I have changed. Everyone notices .. even people that did not realize that I had been sick for so long. It is astounding. If I never get any better than this..hey, its been worth every penny and I have gotten a LARGE piece of my life back. I thank God daily for leading me.

    Sorry this was so long. I have thought about posting a thread on my continuing progress. Its just that..I have a hard time believing what is happening to me. I do not know if anyone would believe me or not.

    I tell ya..if you have bone crushing fatigue, hair falling out, body temp irregularities, PMS, body aches, etc. it could well be that treating your adrenals will help immensely.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help ya! ...Sherry
  17. beckster

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    I'm going to check this out further. I think you SHOULD
    make this reply a post as I think most people would be very interested in this, and most of us probably have some adrenal involvement.

    You might also add how long you've been sick, your level
    of functioning before now (you probably have posted this here somewhere but my brain can't remember right now and I just check your bio and it didn't say). I think this is exactly the kind of think people want and need to see!!!!Later--B