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  1. Doznclan3

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    Found a home for all the chicks I wanted to place...out of 19! Yeaah...I only kept 5 of these hatched, I'm am now hoping for--girls! Can't keep roos here. :(
    I would love to have one. They are beautiful..and I don't mind the crowing, but the neighbors would.
  2. Sweetpotatoe

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    I love the sound of roosters crowing in the morning, I guess not everyone does though! Chicks are so cute, like puppies and kittens they are so damn gorgeous.....but then they grow up!

    When I was little we had chooks for a time, it was scary getting the eggs when the rooster was around! Then the thought of eating a pet chook was disturbing, the eggs were great.

  3. Doznclan3

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    I won't be eating my ladys. Not sure what to do with them yet..I love animals so much. I do want eggs, but if I keep all of my chickens, I'm in trouble. The lady that got my baby chicks, has a large place, and she loves animals too. Hoping they have a great time running around a very large area, for a very long time.
    How are you feeling?
  4. Sweetpotatoe

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    Enjoy your chicks!,
    I'm plodding along taking each day as it comes, Ive got severe morning sickness and depression, my immune system is struggling. Im seeking Jesus at every turn, Using cognitive therapy for painful thoughts and memories, and Hoping for breakthrough. Its been long suffering but surely an end is in sight.

    I'm trying to quit smoking, I quit and have relapsed in the last 6 weeks, its so hard when the stress is so high, I'm in prayer alot and doing the things I can to avoid smoking, I'm accepting Gods grace and mercy like never before, knowing this time will pass.

    Thanks for asking, How are you going?
  5. Doznclan3

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    I'm doing ok....having bad back pain..not sure what I want to do about it right now. I want it to just go away on it's own, has before to a better point, but not sure if it will this time.
    How far along are you? I hope I'm not being too nosey here, just wondering if you are going to keep this little one. If you are, prayers are going your way that things will work out for the two of you, well, prayers are going out anyway, but you know what I mean. God does have Mercy on you. Praying also that you can quit smoking..I think you know what that does to an unborn baby, you could have the baby way to early.

    Here is a scripture for you...

    Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.
    Philippians 4:9
  6. Sweetpotatoe

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    I hope your back pain has eased up.

    I am 16 weeks, I've had several bleeds, after a doctor did a manual adjustment of my uterus, the baby is fine for now. I do intend to keep the baby, I was engaged but it just can't work given the abuse and mental problems he has, It wasn't revealed for quite some time.

    Its been so confusing and stressful, I'm trying to take care of myself right now, I'm so sick all the time its hard to have hope, but Im just doing what I can to get through each day.

    I'm struggling so bad, its been 10 years this year since my divorce, when all the hardships and evil started, I know it will pass it has to. God knows everything I know He's with me, Thy will be done.

    Blessings, I hope you are feeling better, I read your profile, Is Utah in the desert? I bet you are enjoying the spring.

    God Bless.
  7. Doznclan3

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    Funny you ask about Spring! We have been blasted with snow storm after snow storm, until today..yeah, we are heading for some great warmer weather. The ski slope people are happy for all the snow, and yes, snow pack in the mountains is good for a desert place like ours in the summer, that's what we rely on, mountain pack melting and coming into the valleys.
    You take Care!
    Love, Cynthia
  8. Sweetpotatoe

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    Thats fascinating, for this time of the year! We don't get snow unless you are in the mountains, It gets very cold in some areas in the winter but generally its mild. I don't like the cold, I grew up in a very cold place, I moved almost 20 years ago to a warmer climate, I love the warmth.

    How do your chicks cope with the cold?

    The days are still glorious here, but the cold will sneak in soon.
  9. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    a few chicks outside that are old enough under a 100 watt bulb, they don't stay under all the time. Today should reach 50. Yeaah! They are doing fine. I don't put heat lamps on my older ladys even through the winter because they huddle up and have plenty of feather warmth.
    So it's going to get colder there soon? Looking forward to more flowers and trees turning green, it's already starting. Beautiful.
    Hope you are having a great day with your health.
    Love, Cynthia
  10. Sweetpotatoe

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    Yes we are in our autumn, the real cold weather won't come until around june/july, we have had lots of rain for this time of the year, the days are glorious.

    I always feel sorry for animals in the winter! we huddle up in a cozy bed, they are outside in the elements.

    I hope your health is improving, I've had milder days with nausea, so thats a good sign.

  11. springwater

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    great news about your little chicks.

    I wish we had snow now. Its so hot. I can barely stand it.

    God Bless
  12. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    we have warm weather! I've put the babies/chicks outside, in the coop at night. They are doing really well. They are so cute running around in the day, they love the freedom of the outdoors.
    I have little purple and yellow flowers popping up, and, I have a lot of fav flower of all time, coming. I've planted two of the Dwarf Burning Bush in front of my home. They are so pretty in the fall..but for now>>> Spring is here at last. So thankful for the beauty of it all!
    Love, Cynthia