Buddhism - "Do you have to follow every urge?"

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    do you have to follow every urge?

    You might try looking at all the stuff that comes up in your head as just a secretion. All our thoughts and feelings are a kind of secretion. It is important for us to see that clearly. I've always got things coming up in my head, but if I tried to act on everything that came up, it would just wear me out. Haven't you ever had the experience of being up on a very high pace and having the urge to jump? That urge to jump is just a secretion in your head. If you felt that you had to follow every urge that came into your head, well. . .

    ~ Kosho Uchiyama, Opening the Hand of Thought
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    One doesn't have to be right all the time. One doesn't have to win all the time.

    If one feels that someone is attacking or challenging one unnecessarily, please take the high road and resist the urge to jump off it!

    If one pokes or prods or needles or refuses to allow others to be who they are and find their best selves the law of cause and effect (Karma) will take care of one.

    One/someone ... same/same

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