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    hello, i asked(didnt really had other options), a family member of my mother, who is rich, for a little financial help trying to relief me from my pain.
    it started after weightlifting, 10 months ago and just didnt go away.

    a rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, but im not really sure with it, as im only 18 yo male, the way the pains started, and the place they are in.

    i found out im severly vitamin d deficienct(16 ng/ml) and started to supplement 2 days ago with mega doze daily(20000iu a day :) )

    well, this rich family member, asked me how much i need.
    i told him something like 2500-2700 dollars.
    not much by any means, and ofcourse i wont start to travel around the world meeting doctors with it.

    im looking at this pain as chronic full body pains, which is a better name then "fibromyalgia" as i dont know if i really have it, what i do know is that i have chronic pains.

    i started taking vit d+calcium and fish oils and msm.
    i will start next week a bowen method trial.

    i wanted to ask you for ideas, which you know that doesnt include "traveling to us and pay 50000 dollars for4 a doctor :)"
    as much ideas that the money i have will cover them.

    again-chronic pain and not "fibromyalgia treatments".

    i tried trigger point theraphy, but the theraphist said he thinks its related to the mind as it doesnt look like fibromyalgia...

    i dont look for things to relief me from my pain, and then it will come back, but things, that people posted here, or other places, claiming it relief them from their pains permanently, like the massage about bowen theraphy you have here.

    maybe even thyroid medications, or i dont know.

    and not just "massage" that helped you for 2 days, but again-things people claim make their pain disepear no matter what it is, and again-not a surgery or 8000 dollars magical solution.

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  2. talper

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    i will really appreciate any thoughts and any help.
  3. talper

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    bump again???
    come on, i can really use your help in this :).

    thanks again
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    I'm sorry I don't know any fix its...I don't think there is a cure all for "chronic pain" I know I have hurt for two years now and you will see others on here a lot longer and some less. Get a second opinion from a Rheumatoligist. Do what they tell you to do. Ask him for a fix all. Thats the best information I cen give you. Sorry
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    im sorry that you are having this-------i dont know how to answer your post---------because i dont think there willever be ANY THING TO MAKE THIS GO AWAY-------good luck on your quest though!!!!!!!!LOVE TO ALL-----LAURA