Bug bite reactions???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by horsegal, May 30, 2003.

  1. horsegal

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    Do any of you react to bug bites more severely than you did before the DD? I've had two small ticks and some other bug bite. I watch the tick bites closely, but anyway, they all itch forever. They all have a tiny red, hard bump that stays around forever. I've had the doc look at my tick bites as I'm a little paranoid about lyme disease. I know that I used to not have so much irritation. Just wondering.

  2. tansy

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    I get these too. Always allergic to things before DD but much worse since. I think it's due to altered TH1 and TH2 lymphocytes making us overreact to things. After addressing allergies/intolerances all my reactions calmed down a bit. My last lymphocyte study showed TH2 weren't quite so high.

    I use a topical antihistamine cream sold for bug bites and apply it immediately. It does help.


  3. vinetti23

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    Ive always had severe reactions to mosquito bites. I can't wear shorts & t-shirts anywhere that there will be mosquitos. I've had mosquito bites leave red marks up to 2 inches in diameter! I have to take benadryl pills sometimes... but now I just wear pants. (Then again I've had bites on my face & neck too...)

    The other weird thing is that I will be out with friends in the SAME place and I'll get like 15 bites and they'll have none... Apparently something in my skin mimics insect pheremones... lucky me :)
  4. Elbryan

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    I have read that this problem is common with those who have FMS.
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    On my very First visit to my New Rhumologist, she asked me about a bite that I had on the back of my Leg at the calf.
    I told her it was a Black Fly bite, and I had it for over a month. She then looked at a couple of other scar's that I had from Mosiquitos.
    That's when she asked me if I had ever been dx with Fibromyalgia? I said, no never heard of it. She just smiled and said it was something to consider.

    I went back the next week, she had run a lot of Test's on me, and she did dx me with the FMS, to go along with the CMP I was already dx with. I had never heard of FMS.
    So I went to the Book store and found Dr. Starlanyl's book, and I about fell out of my chair when I read about the Insect bite's and that people with FMS attract them.

    She gives a few reason's why, they might be, and the one that stands out for me is the Electro-magnetic theory.

    My Doctor put me on Vistril, since I already have a Histmine problem and the Vistril works great for me, I also use it when I get Bite.

    Had a Red Ant, bite my right big Toe, I sitting on the steps, and there was a red ant hill, I didn't see it, but they saw me. I got a huge red streak that ran up my leg, so I had to go to the Dr. I now watch out for all Nasty insect's.

    Wear light clothing, use some Repelliant, I like Avon's product, and I also spray my Clothes with Deep Wood's Off, before I put them on, and then let them air a little.
    I'm lucky that the stuff dosen't effect me, but I don't wear it on the skin.

    With some of the Newer products out now, you can use the creams and lotions on your face and Don't forget to put some on behind the ear's and the Tender part of your Leg, on the backside of the Knee.

    That's where the Flie Nailed me, we were going out for an early morning boat ride up the Snake River, and as we got to the Dock, It bite me, just as I took a step, I trapped him in the fold of my leg. Hurt like, Heck, I had to Ice it, and I took my Vistril and Pain med right away.

    We went out on the River, hubby wanted to wait to make sure, I was gonna have a Reaction, before he had to put the boat up to take me to the little town, Halfway Oregon, to see a Doctor.

    Oh how I miss Idaho, Not. lol No big Bugs in Ca.

  6. Notonline

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    Really weird, but I very, very seldom get bit. People around me can be getting bit to pieces, and they seem to always steer clear of biting me. Been this way since I was little. I must really taste bad LOL!

    On the rare occasions I do get bit though, I do swell up pretty badly.
  7. Shirl

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    I rarely get bit by bugs, been about 9 years since I was stung by a honey bee (I stepped on him!), it did swell up, but it didn't last no longer than usual.

    If I do get bit, I put Apple Cider Vinegar on it, takes the sting out and stops it from getting infected.

    I was bit by an Asian spider last year, and it like to have killed me. I was sick for three months. What helped was the vinegar.
    I tried everything and nothing was working. But Acesnanna told me to try the vinegar and it is what healed the bits, and then the fever broke. I was as sick as a human could get!

    I have been shy of spiders ever since, any kind. Usually they didn't bother me.

    I live way out in the boonies, so bugs, spiders,mosquitos, etc are plentyful around here.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I was just discussing this via email with an online
    friend. I have always heard that those with FMS
    attract mosquitoes more than other people.
    I read that mosquitoes are attracted to people
    who are low in vitamin B6. That is interesting. Maybe we can use mosquitoes for
    studies rather than uninformed doctors!

  9. kimbali

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    Like so many others, I attract biting bugs, they love me and have since I was a kid. The bites usually swell to quarter-size or bigger, and seem to last forever. If gnats are around, they find me and swarm, ick!! Bee stings don't send me to the ER, but I do run for the frozen peas to ice down the spot, because the site swelling gets crazy for at least 24-48 hours. Unfortunately my son has similar things happening ... wish there was some way to spare him. Since all my autoimmune "things" started happening last year (w/suspected lupus luckily not a dx, but dx of sjogrens in Nov and fibro in April), I don't think I saw alot more - or less - bites than I did before that.