Built up a high tolerance to pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Sheila1366

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    I can't remember the last time I was not in pain anymore. It has been so long now. I am amazed at how much I can can do while in this kind of pain. Do you know what I mean? There are times I stop and think that there is just no way I can go any further with this but I just keep pushing. Rest doesn't help. Pain follows me everywhere I go. Sometimes it just hurts so bad while I lay in bed I just have to get up no matter how tired I am.

    When I try to explain my pain I tear up everytime. My husband really does know now how much I hurt due to all the tears I have cried and I am not a crier.

    I feel that most people would just buckle if they felt what I felt. If they could just walk one day in my shoes they would know what real pain is like.

    I have thought often how can I be in so much pain and not be terminally ill. Feels like my bones are gonna break and my muscles just stiffen up and will not move.
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Oh, I totally understand everything you just said!

    Usually when I cry, it's because of one of two reasons, the pain is beyond control and I really cannot take it, or I get so frustrated that once again, I'm hurting. I get SO sick of it. Sometimes the tears just come. My husband will go to hug me and tears start streaming down my face.
    Now that I'm thinking about it - that's usually when I cry - out of sheer exhaustion of dealing with this CRAP.

    Pain is really a horrible thing to live with day in and day out. I do not expect others to understand it fully, because it really is hard to comprehend if you think about it.

    Your last sentence really resignated (sp?) with me. I have often thought, I have got to have bone cancer - there is no way my legs could hurt this badly without something being seriously and terribly wrong. Just lately have the muscles in the back of my legs risen to a horrible level of pain. I am now on a heating pad every single day, every moment that I am home. I decided that I have to get up and move (don't want sitting to be part of the problem)

    I also get the "have to get up no matter how tired I am" - The pain in my legs often wakes me up in the middle of the night. Laying there is impossible. I have to get up - sometimes moving does make it feel better. My bones often feel broken (although I've never actually broken a bone)

    SO.. you definitely are not alone.
  3. FMsaddenedspirit

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    this sure sounds like me .. I too have not had a pain free day in God knows how long ... years now.. I get so damed tired of being in pain and tired of being tired.. never feel rested .. never

    this morning I woke in so much pain it took several Min to be able to just sit up in bed.. then came the tears.... it was bad... then I got angry ... normally don't get angry .. but this morning was just too much .... why do I feel like this is not fair.. I know that sounds so bad to say ... but its not .... I used to have a real life .... now I just work , eat go to bed and start all over ..

    I too will wake up in so much pain .. in my legs and back... I have no choice but to get up and move... sleep many nights siting up on the couch... where I have ended up during the night and cryed myself to sleep waiting on my pain meds to take affect

    people just can not understand it unless they have been through it.. I know my husband tries so very hard, because he sees it . has seen me go from a women if the best shape of my life who could ride miles on her bike .. or go outside and shain saw down a tree, load the wood and be good to go ... to what I am now someone who can't even handle grocery shopping anymore, I now have to use one of those carts like a wheel chair .. that was hard to acept. i tell you

    I have pain every day , I'll tell you ,,, if say my husband felt what I feel just one day ( and I would not wish this on anybody ) .. well it's hard and it wares on you .... stay postive I say to meself every day ... Don't think about it,,, smile ... smile ... you must not give in..

    ok sorry I'm ranting now....

    I can relate thats for sure
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  4. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I feel like I could have written your post it sounded so much like the way I feel dealing with this DD. And, to the other poster, who wrote about the bone cancer...I have asked my doctor straight out "are you sure this is not bone cancer?"

    This is like living the same day over and over and over.


    LEFTYGG Member

    i watch people walk and i think gee they walk so easy i feel like im walking on stumps my feet and legs hurt so bad.

    i forget what its like not to have burning paain in my body.

    family never saw me cry now i tear up reading these posts.

    im not the easy going person anymore either this pain has changed who i am.
  6. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I know all of what each of you has posted. I also have severe arthritis too from 2 severe car accidents, neither my fault.

    I couldn't have added much more to what all of you have posted.
  7. OMG I could have written this post. I woke up at 3am and am in soo much horrid pain in my low back and hip areas I can hardly walk. I am soo tired of pain everyday even with vicodin and pain patches. I have even thought it must be bone cancer or some horrible disease.

    I push myself to do things but hurt so bad, somedays I don't know how I can go on or even want to if I have to live with this pain. This board helps to know you all understand . I just keep thinking drs are oh so missing something.

    Hang in there. Bless you all.
  8. kellyann

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    I could have written your post word for word. It sucks. I have been sick too long and in constant pain for years now. I am just recovering from a bout of pneumonia complicated by MRSA. I had a bad infecion in my lungs. At the time I was feeling really sick and in extreme pain and I had taken too much percocet and oxycotin. I guess I just didn't realize how sick I was. Anyway, my daughter found me barely breathing, she said I was just making this horrible gurgle sound. She called 911. I don't remember any of the ambulance, or the parmedics, but they said had she not found me, I would not have lived much longer. I woke up in the ICU a while later. And I am very happy to be alive, Thank God! I stayed in the hospital about 7 days on IV antibiotics. my chest hurt so bad but did heal! And I will never touch another percocet or oxycotin as long as I live. And I had been on these drugs for years, at high doses. I didn't realise how bad they were depressing my breathing, and adding to my depression. Yeah, I' m in more pain without them, but at least I am alive and alert. I am going to a new Dr who is testing me for coinfections that go with Lyme Disease, and he is treating me for the MRSA infection. Shoot, I already feel better than I have in long time, it is shame I almost had to die to get help though.

    Sheila I know where you are coming from and it isn't easy. Have you been tested for Lyme?

    Keep your chin up! It has to get better!

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