bulging disc in neck/please pray

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    Hi there
    I had recently had an MRI down, one that should have been taken care of a very long time ago.
    the results came back stating that

    There is no herniating disc but the 5-6 disc does bulge centrally and to the left causing very slight flattening of the sac on the lft side prhaps some very slight

    encroachment ito the neuro foramina. No obvious nerve root compression peripherally..

    it also said that it did not appear to be causing any nerve root compression.

    well all I know is I have been in the most severest pain in my life.

    I have been on the same medication for 3 years, but I actually went over on perscription. I guess that would be called abusing my medication,

    I went to the ER by ambulance because I was passing out from the pain.

    my doctor was away and I couldn't get any help from the office doctors or probaby not her.

    I think I have gone to the ER 3 times in the last month from horrible pain, they give me a low dose of toradal and send me home.

    my teeth chatter, I have been vommitting because of the pain. I can only sleep a couple hours at a time at night, if I am lucky. the pain wakes me.

    I have limmited use of my left arm and my thumb and forefinger tip had gone numb, its been this way for weeks.

    its hard for me to lay down because of the pain in the left side of my neck and my left arm is horrible. even the skin hurts.

    but I am worried now that I will lose my pain medication because I went over my limit, but I been trying so hard to get help.

    my husband and I came up with a plan if my meds get taking away.

    I would just take enough sleeping pills to knock myself out, until I can get help. this sounds really bad I know, but passing out from pain is horrible and he seen this.
    its not something a person can understand unless they have felt the degree of this kind of pain.

    at one point I didn't know were I was and everything kept getting dark and I could hear my self yelling ouch. like over and over, then I dropped off to sleep, very weird,
    my son sat next to me held my hand until I was okay.

    my husband has been doing this as well because I don't know were I am, I think pain makes your mind snap.

    I have not had any pain relief in a month and I'm so tired.

    tommorow I'm going to a doctor who will look at me. she does injections.
    I was told that it wouldn't happen the first visit.
    I made an appointment to see a neruo sergeon. I can't get in till the end of december, plus there is no gurantee that he will even help me.

    anyway, this is the worst post I have ever written I'm sorry to say.

    But I will write back with good news as soon as possible.
    and maybe after this experience I will be able to give good advice to people who suffer like this

    sorry for such a depressing post, prayers welcomed
    God Bless
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    I feel your pain. I have 3 buldged discs/nerve compression in my neck & 1 herniated/nerve compression in my lower back. I see the neurosurgeon this week.

    MRI's don't always show everything so don't assume there's no problem. More tests may be required.

    I would not take sleeping pills until you pass out. Not a safe thing to do.

    Do you have myofacial triggers in your shoulders/arm/neck? ....severely knotted muscles sending constant pain down your arm? If so use moist heat & get your Huz to do deep massage. Haleycole has info on here about Trigger Point therapy. Locate those triggers & press on them. Yeah it hurts, but it will help to reduce the pain.

    I even went thru a month of PT for MPS triggers in my shoulderes & even tho it helped it just keeps coming back. My poor Huz is wearing his hands out doing massage on me. I too am hoping neck surgery will lessen my pain.

    Hopefully the doc you see tomorrow will r'x you a pain med & a muscle relaxer that will help some too. Also ask if this doc can get you into the neurosurgeon sooner. Many times they can an apt for you quicker than you can.

    Hang in there :). Praying your get relief soon.