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    I do know I have a bulging disc in my spine(I have DDD).The thing is...for YEARS I have been complaining to all the Drs.,specialists and therapists that I have a neckache that NEVER quits.It is unbearable and no pain meds or stupid muscle relaxers work.Everyone keeps blamining it on the FM. Well, yesterday I was going through some of my past medical records(online test results)and I learned I have 2 buling discs at my C-6-7.That explains EVERYTHING. Why do the Drs. lie and not tell me this when I already have trouble with discs in my L4-5?Just like they did nto tell me I have 4-5 brain lesions.
    I have the right to know and should be told.
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    I have a lot of problems in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine (see my bio).

    When my doc was reading the CT reports telling me what all they found, when he came to the buldging disks, he said "oh, everybody you see has buldging disks" and went on like it was no problem.

    He did the same when he came to degenerating disks, he said "oh, that's just arthritis--everybody your age has it," and went on.

    Even after reading the ton of problems found in my CT scans, he said "well, even though your back looks like crap, LOL, I don't recommend any surgery at this point, so the only thing you can do is go through some physical therapy to strengthen you back."

    He did send me to an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in backs, and he agreed that no surgery yet was needed.

    About six months later, my doc finally gave me some Lortabs to take, but not enough for daily, just for on an "as needed" basis - I guess for when I overdo it!!